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Hi everyone, I Just joined the group! I had a quick question - does anyone know of any good books on Artemis? I am really drawn to her but have a hard time finding information on her - and may not be looking in the right areas.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Blessed Be.

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Personally, when i was very young I learned about Artemis through books on mythology and I am sur eyou have probalby thought of that already, but maybe it's time to treat yourself to a new book on the subject. I am sure you deserve it, and have a blessed day!
Thanks - I've been looking on Amazon and have found some interesting ones there.
I don't know any good books on Artemis, but while I'm here, let me share one little info I know on Her:

Historian Herodotus associates Artemis with Bastet of Egypt, calling her Artemis Bubastis, Bubastis being Bastet's Greek name.
Thank you! I will use that information to look up more books on her.

Thanks again!
You could also use Google Book Search which not only finds the books your looking for, but may even allow you to have a full preview.
thanks I always forget about
There's some interesting stuff on eastern concepts of Artemis (purportedly in the region of Asia Minor) to be found on the web. Start googling!


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