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I am asking this question because I am trying to gather tools for rituals,. What tools are the best to start off with?

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really no tools needed just a quiet place to meditate watching nature come to to life If you really need tools I guess candles a nice stone that speaks to your soul maybe a book to write your feelings in Some sage to burn or any incense you like I started small with candles books by Scott Cunningham he had great books on stones oils incense anything related to nature go from there I have 2 books of shadows one on my pc and one 3 ring binder where I collect things from different books or websites that speak to me I have everything a witch can have wands incense burners oils herbs tons of books chalice bell crystal ball tarot cards runes candles statues lots of stones you name it I have it but I find just sitting in my special place away from noise is all I need to connect with nature 


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