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Next year i am looking at moveing to Columbia, Please contact me with any info on good areas to live(off the board). I have lived in 30ft camper before, I like to be located within walking of shopping or a flea market if possible, I like to set up at the flea markets and thats how i have met lots of like minded folk, and even helped some by letting them sale with me, or saleing for them

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sorry Jack, I don't know of ANY "flea markets" IN the city of Columbia... The closest would be the Barn Yard Flea Market (they are an RV Park as well) in Lexington. There is also one called "#1 Flea Market" that claims a West Columbia Address.. though its not that far from the first one I mentioned... Then you have the Springfield fleamarket area that has one of the oldest in SC. I would say the biggest is in the Anderson area. We call it the "Jocky Lot." And most know of it as such.. though I dont know what it would be listed as for getting a phone number and such.

Well if anyone has anything for rent in Columbia sc let me know. As I will be moveing there the end of this month. I have been waitting for a sign and have gotten alot in the past few weeks, so the move is on

Did you ever make it this way? I live in West Columbia and know of paces to rent here. A good place to look sometimes as well is they always have places to rent, buy, as well as other things. Good luck in your search and brightest blessings!


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