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In the last year or so I have been suffering with extremely horrible headaches. I have been trying to find a spell to either ease the pain or get rid of it, but I have had no luck. So I am asking if any of you know any spells that would work for me.


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I went to the doctor and they are sending me to a "brain doctor" in May. I was just looking for something to ease the pain till then.
Ok......If they are migraines Feverfew pills will do the trick. One in the morn every day. According to the British Pharmaceautica it cures migraines. Also, that ancient ABRACADABRA thingy, is a diminishing spell.
As follows.....

Also, if you try this. Remember two things. The headache diminishes with the words. And most importantly, after the last letter you HAVE to pause. There is a moment of brief silence there people don't realize this, that is why this fails for most. good luck......
Im not going to sprinkle sugar on this.

If it is a true migraine then you prop get 7 things: 1, a filling when it is about to come. For me it is ware my 3ed eye is. 2, Senitive to light. Mour so than not, people with eye prop and have migraines are mour senitive to light. 3, Senitive to smell. Sorry if you alrady are. 4, Senitive to sound. Wich is a bad thing for people with good ears, and semi for people with bad. 5, See colors. I see hot pink and neon yellow. 6, Fill sick to your stomick and some times do.(now thats a bitch)
Oh, and when you have a migraine your site, hearing, and smellings go up. So if your at home go to room make it dark as you can(you are fucked if you need a night light), take some Imatricks(I take 50mig) and all other meds you have, pray you get high, and sleep it off. If your not take something, try not to look at light, hear, or smell. And pray the migraine doest last long (1sec can fell like 4ever), and/or someone puts you out of your misery.

Hears a mind thing I learnd how to do when I was in midle school, no $for a dr, and around kids that woud NEVER shut up.

Close your eyes. Try the relax, close your mined from the outsid world, and pic this in your head (truly in head, with your brains and stuff): All you pain is on a elavater(my elavater is nothing but a wooden floor and vin ropes on all 4sides. With a lil nome makeing shur everything is ok, don1t ask,). After its in the elavater, see the elavater and fill the pain in it, go out your head. Repeat as much as you can or/and need.

Migraines are truly a bitch!!!! sorry if I sad to much for some people. You prop think Im crazy becouse of the nome thing aneyway. If so, the migraines didt it to me!!!! Oh well, mabby I helped in some way.
believer me, i dont think youre crazy. im one of the rare people who suffers from migraines almost daily. and nothing relieves it. i have hydrocephalus, and had a shunt put in, which relieved part of my pain. ive had them check the shunt and it hasnt failed again. ive had two failed shunts before. but yeah the pain does really suck. i am investing in room darkening curtains. caffeine helps sometimes. but not always.
Depending on how old you are (and whether or not your wisdom teeth are coming in) your headaches could be jaw-and-tooth related. I had horrible, migraine-like headaches that turned out to be from too-large (and impacted) wisdom teeth attempting to push everything else out of the way in my too-small jaw. As soon as I got all four teeth extracted, the headaches went away completely.

I also use Willow tea (bark) for pain-- its where the salicylic acid (Salix is 'Willow' in Latin) in aspirin comes from.
I have tried every type of aspirin out there. My wisdom teeth are currently NOT coming in. All the pill the doctor prescribed me did not do the trick. I might be trying out acupuncture in the near future to see if that will work for me.
Oh, hun, I feel your pain! I get horrible mirgraines with stroke-like symptoms. They're awful but they run in my family. I recently discovered lemon balm! You can just breathe in the scent of it, simmer it in a burner, or make it into a tea (add a little honey as it has a very "earthy" flavor). Good luck!
try eating figs ..I just read that they will help ..Let me know if it does ...

Here is a spell have for : Headache Relief

Dress a green candle with Peppermint or Lavender oil. Use Peppermint or Lavender incense. Suggested background music is Soothing Rain.
Cast a circle if you like. Ask the Angels of Healing to assist you. Invoke the deities: Advilleona the Goddess of Ibuprofen and Tylenollgone the God of Acetaminophen.
As you light the candle chant:

My pain is gone, I hurt no more, Tension flies right out the door!

Now laugh-out-loud to dispel the pain.
Sip Raspberry-Catnip or Chamomile tea and relax ... Let the tension float away ...
Now say:

My pain is gone, You see I'm free, So now I'm smiling happily!

Thank the Goddess Advilleona, the God Tylenollgone, and the Angels. Open the circle!
-Headache Relief by Laura S.

Soak in a warm bath using 5 drops of these oils: Peppermint, Lavender, and Chamomile. You can also make a compress using 2 drops of each oil.
I just might have to try that. Thanks!
I've had great success with laying down and placing a quartz crystal on my forehead. I've found that I get relief almost immediately. The headache usually returns once I remove the crystal so I think laying down for 30 minutes or so with the crystal in place will probably work out better.
Crystals are a great tool. switch from the quartz to Amythist and you may find it working better. Lapis is the other crystal to use for headaches. if one does not do it, like the Amythist then the Lapis should. each affects a differant area so these two can deal with most headaches.
I don't know spells but there is an accupressure point in the webbing between your forefinger and thumb that if you pinch there it will heip.


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