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Litha - Sea Spell

To bring Good Health or Bestow Good Health – and the Power of Healing.


This is a Litha Spell to be performed on a beach next to the sea. One of the joys of the warmer days is that traveling is easier, as is getting out in nature. Many of us are drawn to seaside locations at this time of the year where we can enjoy being near the element of water to energize ourselves.

In the magickal circle, water is the element of love, balance, natural justice, and healing. As Litha celebrates the glory of the Midsummer Sun – a symbol of health and well-being in its own right – it is possible to combine these aspects of its fiery power with the healing energies of water in a special blessing ceremony. You should be at the waterside at sunrise on the longest day to perform this ritual, which calls on Yemana, goddess of the sea, to bestow good health – and the power of healing.

To honour this much beloved lady of the sea, carry turquoise, pearl, or mother-of-pearl, to remind you of her blessing.

Timing: Cast the Spell at Litha, as part of your Litha celebrations, working your spell next to the sea, on the beach.

You will need: Fallen twig of about 20 – 30 cm long, 3 jars with a tea-light in each, your chalice, and one large watertight seashell.

At dawn, walk to the waters edge and use the twig to draw a triangle in the sand. (make the sides of the triangle about 1,5m to 2m long.)

Place your jars with the tea-lights in at each corner of the triangle.

Stand in the center of the triangle, holding your chalice, and facing the sea, say:

“Yemana, Goddess of the waves,
Know me as your child
And grant me the power of healing.”

At sunrise, carry the chalice to the sea and fill it.

Return to the center of the triangle, and using the shell, scoop water onto your feet, saying:

“Let me walk in health”

Scoop the water over your head, saying:

“Let me be healed”

Then scoop water onto both hands, saying:

“As I heal myself, so might I heel others”

Pour the remainder of the water into the center of the triangle, and extinguish the candles, saying:

By the grace of Yemana, So Mote it Be!

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