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 All pagans should know about and investigate and hopefully utilize some Alternative Agricultural Methods. There are many of these and most are consistent with a pagan viewpoint and lifestyle.

A few of these are:

(1). Biodynamic Agriculture. This method was pioneered by the occultist Rudolf Steiner. Its particular importance in today's climatic conditions is that use of the Steiner preparations can halt the effects of erosion and stabilize weather conditions over the area in which they are applied.

(2). Agni horta. This method originated in ancient India. It can clear pollution from the air over areas where it is applied. Similar methods to Agni horta were used in the worship of the Goddess Brigid in ancient Ireland.

(3) Philip Callahan's Towers of power. This method derives directly from the ancient Irish agricultural methods. it consists of building small round towers from para-magnetic materials to enhance soil fertility.

All these methods and more are discussed in Christopher Thompkins excellent book Secrets Of the Soil, a book that should be in the possession of every pagan gardner or farmer!

But Thompkins book is only a beginning there are many excellent books and teachers out there in the area of  alternative agriculture that can be of Immense help.

I have mentioned this subject because it is my conviction thatPagan agriculture and sustainable lifestyle should be different from their non pagan equivalents. All the methods i have mentioned above have several things in common.

(I). They derive from "Cosmological perspectives" consistent with paganism.

(II). They utilize alternative or unusual environmentally friendly "energies" to achieve their results.

(III). They have all been scientifically tested and been proven to be effective even if conventional science cannot explain how or why the work,

For over 49 years I have researched and utilized these methods and tested then for myself and found them to be effective. There are several dozen of them! The book that i have mentioned is just a beginning!

I will gladly discuss these methods with anyone who is interested.

Let's get together and birth a truly pagan Magickal Agriculture!

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