Step out of the hustle and bustle of your real life - and straight into a fairytale - with a stay at the enchanting ‘Underhill’ earth house. Set amongst picturesque Waikato farmland, Underhill is a truly special place to unwind and reconnect .

The entrance to Underhill Earth House

Handcrafted wooden doors open to a view of the pond and farmland beyond.

Interior of Underhill Earth House

View of Underhill from across the pond

Underhill Earth House Bathroom


Underhill is a perfect, peaceful, retreat for couples.

Built into the hillside, this remarkable hobbit-style house has been beautifully hand crafted with rustic native timbers and ironwork. Huge timber doors open wide to overlook a picturesque pond and farmland beyond.

You’ll enjoy the warmth and ambience of an old coal range... the soft glow of candlelight... a glass of wine in the outdoor bath, under the stars. Or just snuggle into the luxurious, specially shaped bed - with pure cotton linen, comfy pillows and thick, wool duvet.

Underhill is a truly unique and special experience. So... treat yourself. Immerse yourself in the stillness and peace of Underhill Valley and take some time to fully enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


Twilight at Underhill.

Underhill in the morning light.

The coal range keeps the earth house warm and cosy.

Interior of Underhill

Enjoy an outdoor bath under the stars at Underhill.

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