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Ive been studing Torot for about a yr or so now, and did some readings at a charity event, some people now want me to read their cards again, or are recommending me. How much should I charge for a long reading? I love doing it and would love to do it for free, but a small income would be great for college, i dont want to rip anyone off though...What are your thoughts? Whats the normal rate?


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It depends on the forum. In-person readings usually come out to around $1 a minute, but I charge by the type of reading, and then watch my time. You can see my rates here:


At the fair I am doing this week, I will be doing 3-card spreads for $10. I plan to spend 15 minutes on each reading. 10 minutes will be the reading, and 5 minutes will be the prep, shuffling, talking, figuring out how to ask the question, then a little down-time after the reading (2-3 minutes) for me to shuffle the cards and ground again.


Some people charge $40-$50 for a 30-minute readings, while others charge $100-$120 for an hour session. Many of these people have built their reputation over time and have books and Tarot decks published.


You will not be "ripping anyone off," either. I use Tarot even more successfully than I ever did use psychology. And you know how much psychologists can charge, right? Psychology always gave people a way to stay stuck. Tarot, on the other hand really, really helps people. It looks forward instead of backwards. When you realize that and do your readings with love, you will not feel bad charging more for them because I've seen people change their lives after a Tarot reading.


When I first started out I only charged $5 for a 3-card reading and $10 for a Celtic cross. It's not worth it. Not only do you often get draining people, but after taxes you are making pretty much nothing. And that's if you're getting mostly cash. Using a payment system like PayPal or Square eats into even more of your profits! All of these things have to be considered in your rates. If you are going to have a website, a professional-looking hosted one costs money. You will also need to make flyers and business cards. I use VistaPrint for my business cards. They come out even cheaper than printing my own!


I started with VistaPrint business cards and a free blog on Google blogspot. Now I've got my paid hosted website through WordPress, but I still use my inexpensive business cards.


You will also need to get a business license for your state, and possibly the city or county you work in. When you start doing more readings or if you want to read at a book shop, fair, or at local events, you'll need insurance. All of these things add up. Tarot reading is serious business, and while it's fun to make a few bucks on the side, you'll be putting yourself in a corner if you get audited or if the government finds out and you haven't gotten all of the proper licenses/zoning issues covered.


Not trying to burst your bubble, you can definitely start out on the cheap like I did 5 or 6 years ago. :-)


By the way, I highly recommend Square if you have an IPhone or something adaptable for it. I just found it and am using it at the fair this weekend. I'm so excited because I can do Tarot readings anywhere now - I can even whip my cards out in the middle of a coffee shop! You might want to check it out:


I am not affiliated with Square and I don't get paid to talk about them (I wish I did). I've just been doing this for a long time, and have been waiting for a product like this to come along to make my life easier. :-)

i dont think we should charge for readings......i feel that is wrong to make them pay for something that helps guide them onto their paths . if they choose to make a donation then so be it....i take the money and donate it help others. the readings are not written in stone and change. and we only see a part of the whole....


They are not paying for the reading; they are paying for your time. And your time is worth something, isn't it?

I am an intuitive counselor.  People pay for therapy.  People pay for intuitive counseling.  I don't get why you give yourself away for free.  If they want to record there session that is fine.  I learned long ago that there needs to be some sort of exchange of energy.  When you don't charge many times you get clients that just want to emotionally drain you.  Oten they have no respect for what you do.  When we respect what we do we draw that to us.  Just my opinion after years of experience.

I have Square too but, I don't use it.  I have heard it is not secure.  That may be wrong but, I don't use it.

I used to charge $15, 1 1/2 minutes per card for a 10 card reading, but at Abbott's Inn we charge $32, and there is no time limit. His readings tend to be marathons. I generally assume the querent is busy, and doesn't have that much time. Besides, I'm used to doing readings in a festival setting, where you want to do as many readings as possible. If I am at a festival or fair, I tend to find out what the other readers are charging. Remember that you are getting paid for your time.

Thank you all so much for your advice, i would be doing the readings in person, at a charity fundraiser i charged 5euro for a celtic cross spread which took about 10-15mins on average, and i often threw in a 3card crystal reading aswell, for a starter, would 15euro be acceptable for this kind of package?


Sure since it's a charity event.  You can go up to 20 euros for a reading elsewhere though.

I have been doing tarot for 26 years. I charge $50 for 30 -45 min readings...mostly 45-60 min readings.  However, I am flexible.  I am doing a reading for a repeat client from my Etsy store.  She has given me excellent feedback consistently and really needs a reading.  I am charging her $5 for 30 - 45 min.  She really needs one and I am being "told" to do it.  So many therapist gave me payment breaks for therapy when I was in my 20s.  I was going to college and suffering misdiagnosed Bipolar 2 depression.  I am paying it forward and will do it every time I feel let to do it.  I am so thankful for those therapist that helped me.  I was in chronic pain and had to, literally, decide to live on a daily basis.

Oh, I am charging 2.49 per min on


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