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See title.

Sometimes I'm really dim at things like this and need my hand held a bit =) *lol*

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I like this group and yes i'm the same way as well ...... But being a Taurean born April 28th is something else ...... my oldest son is as well a Taurean and he and i do NOT get along at all and then his daughter is as well a Taurean and was born May 19th and his is the 17th ...... i laughed at him when i told him that Zoe' (my grandaughter) was being a Taurus and he giggled and said UHUH MOM UHUH ......... and then he changed the subject ........ I know that made no sense i'm sure but i'm a blonde too so sometimes i dont make sense at first ............ lol
Pavlor, look to the right on the Taurus main page, to the right of the first black bar under the title.
I did it ages ago! I should have closed this thread...


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