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Blessed be everyone! I'm just starting out my journey and was wondering if anyone had tips to help me make my kitchen a more magical place? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Bright blessings!

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Greetings and welcome to the pantry.

There are many things you can do to make it a more magical place. And, depending on who you ask, you'll get different advice. Best advice I ever got was.... Find what suits you and feels right for you and go with it. If it doesn't feel right, no matter how many hundreds recommend it, don't include in. :)

Me, I like to try and keep my kitchen clean (tough call right now but oh well) and I try and keep it clean with environmentally friendly products. As well as using environmentally friendly (low energy and water wise) applicances. It helps me relax in the kitchen and prepare for channeling its energies.

I like to have my herb and spice cupboard full of alll my favourites, so that when I need them for ritual or for meals they are there.

I know of some people who have special wooden spoons for ritual magic at a kitchen altar, as well as specific spoons and dishes, pots, etc for when they're trying to infuse magic into their edible work. There's some terrific dicussions in the group on wooden spoons.

I also like to try and find space for a little kitchen altar. Somehwere you don't have to keep moving it to work in and where its safe from being disturbed or affected by your cooking. Right now, thanks to little fingers in my house, all my kitchen altar is are a few little vases (ceramic for live flowers, wooden for dried) and an oil burner with various essential oils to match my mood in the kitchen. When I'm about to do something creative or need inspiration in the kitchen I light the oil burner candle and go from there. I feel the flame is allowing Her pressence to be with me when I need Her.

And having flowers there helps me stay in touch with nature without.

When doing normal cooking and baking, I try and infuse my work with my energies and intentions. As in, while making the evening meal I try and infuse it with love and energy to make my family safe, happy and healthy.... and something that allows the kids to sleep soundly. This works on a simple sandwhich or salad through to a major meal full of fiddley steps.

I also try and remember to be thankful for the work I do. This is usually done with a little prayer like: "Blessed be those who gave, so that I could eat."

I know, I know.... I personally don't come across as very magical as I don't to a lot of spells and charms in my kitchen. But there will be members who can help with that. All my magic and energies goes into my every day life. Call me a non practicing witch right now. ;P

I hope this helps you with some ideas. best advice is still: Go with what feels right to you.

BB - Banksia.
Yes, you both make sense. Thanks for taking a few minutes to help me out :D I have a very small kitchen as well, no shelves, hardly any counter space. I feel (here's the intuition part, right?) like I should keep a candle or something in the kitchen to light whenever I cook so that I can invite in the goddess while I'm preparing. I hardly ever cook for anyone else (live alone....with a naughty cat) but I suppose it can't hurt to ask for blessings on the food I'll be eating myself? It almost seems a little selfish. But if it's not hurting anyone else, I suppose it's alright.
I try to stir all my pots clockwise and concentrate on the food tasting good and being nourishing. So perhaps I'm already doing things magically and I'm just overlooking it. Again, thanks so much for getting back to me!
I guess my "non practicing" thing comes from the fact I just cook in my kitchen.... I don't do altar rituals, make spells or potions or any of that sort of thing. I cook, I clean, I love my family and try and ensure their food, clothes, home and garden are a safe and harmonious place.

The kitchen is literally the centre of my house (one of the main attractions to this place despite the run down 80's look of the kitchen) and its size, look and lack of shelves dim in comparison to the power and energy I feel in it from its central position on the house and therefore in our lives.... I can always save up to renovate it later. ;)

BB - Banksia.
Hear hear! I was about to write something along the same lines. Basically, through allowing your instincts to guide you along the path. When you're comfortable in this you'll probably notice that its incorporated itself into all your life, not just cooking for yourself and cat. ;)

One of my theories in life (which doesn't always work with small children) is if you don't remember to take the time to care for and love yourself, can you really expect others to remember to do it too?

BB - Banksia.


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