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The Witche's Circle


The Witche's Circle

The Witches Circle, for Witches of various paths, and beliefs, info and resources on our Craft, and practice.Discussions vary and all welcome to begin a Discussion All welcomed

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Welcome all to The Witches Circle




















What makes a witch a witch?
Is it the robes and degree she holds?
Is it the title layed upon her by another?
Is it the many rules she upkeeps?
Is it because of the coven she is in?

I say no
What makes a witch a witch
Is the magickal life she leads
Day by day
She communes with nature
She accepts Her gifts of flowers and herbs
She uses wisely what nature has provided

What makes a witch a witch
She hears the heart beat of the earth, the trees and wind
She reveres the elements but worships and bows to none
She is powerful in word and deed
She learns from nature about bending yet not breaking

What makes a witch a witch
She communes with animals all around
She hears the message s and songs of the universe
She honors the Goddess within Her

What makes a witch a witch
She creates and fashions her own destiney
Both with tools in the world and with magick
Her body may return to earth but
A witches spirit ever lives on

What makes a witch a witch
She summons and calls forth all she needs
She walks on earth yet walks in all worlds
Her law is oen but to love
But never mistake her love as weekeness
For love protects fierce what it loves

by Morrighan)0(


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                         Ɯιтcнɛƨ Ѳαтн
Ƭнιƨ Ѳαтн Ɩ тακɛ мσƨт ƨσℓɛмиℓʏ
Ғσя Ѧʏ σαтн ιƨ ωнσ Ɩ αм
βɛғσяɛ Ѧʏ Ɔιяcℓɛ αи∂ тнɛ βℓα∂ɛ
    Ɩ αм ωнσ Ɩ ƨαʏ Ɩ αм
Δвσʌɛ αℓℓ тσ мʏƨɛℓғ Ɩ αм тяʋɛ
 Ɩ ɛитɛя тнιƨ cιяcℓɛ ιи тяʋтн
 Ɩ ɛитɛя тнιƨ cιяcℓɛ ιи тяʋƨт αи∂ ℓσʏαℓтʏ
 Ɩ ɛитɛя тнιƨ cιяcℓɛ ιи ℓσʌɛ
Ɩи Ƥɛяғɛcт ℓσʌɛ αи∂ тяʋƨт
Ɯнαт ιƨ Ƨнαяɛ∂ нɛяɛ ƨнαℓℓ яɛмαιи
Δи∂ иσ нαям ωιℓℓ Ɩ ∂σ
Ƭσ мʏ ƨιƨтɛяƨ αи∂ вяσтнɛяƨ
Ħɛяɛ ωιтн мɛ ωɛ ∂σ ƨтαи∂
мαиʏ ʏɛт αƨ σиɛ
Ƨнσʋℓ∂ Ɩ вяɛακ тнιƨ Ѳαтн
˩ɛт мɛ ғαℓℓ ʋρσи тнɛ Ɯιтcнɛƨ βℓα∂ɛ
Ɩ ƨɛαℓ Ѧʏ Ѳαтн вʏ тнιƨ ƨιɢи
Ƭнɛ Ƥɛитαcℓɛ ʋρσи мʏ ғσяɛнɛα∂
Δиσιитɛ∂ иσω мʏ σαтн ιƨ иσω вσʋи∂
Ƨσ Иσω Ѧσтɛ ιт вɛ
˩α∂ʏ Ħɛƨтια
Ƭнɛ Ѳαтн, αи Ѳαтн ιƨ α ƨαcяɛ∂ ρяσмιƨɛ ʌσω
Ѳиɛ cнσσƨɛƨ тσ мακɛ
Ɩт ιƨ иσт тσ вɛ тακɛи ℓιɢнтℓʏ
Ғσя тнɛ Ǥσ∂∂ɛƨƨ αи∂ Ǥσ∂ ∂σ иσт тακɛ κιи∂ℓʏ тσ α ғσσℓ

βʏ ĦƤƧ ˩α∂ʏ ĦѦҒ




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Witches of Hekate



We are of Hekate  and about bringing and restoring balance,

healing of Earth and bettering our lives

We are Witches of many colors

Meaning of varied paths, and realms

Both Female and Male

We are eclectic

We are our Magick

For we live it not just speak of it




We are True

We are not Satanic!

We are not fluffy bunnies!

We are Maidens,Mothers,Crones, and Sages



We are True

We take our Magick and Practices seriously

We do not play

We do not do drama,

We do not do cliques

For we are many colors yet one

For We are of Hekate


For those interested in Hekate

For those interested in online circle

More information  is here

We do accept teens serious about learning

13 and above , and we also have a sisters only place as well

If interested click link and  you can contact us through that







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Comment by Electric Blue on March 24, 2015 at 7:52pm

No posts since 2012?? I just do not understand the whole purpose of starting and joining a group and then no one posts or adds helpful information. 

Comment by Sheila Wenninger on October 17, 2012 at 12:23pm

Merry Meet to all. I just joined the group to see if I could get to know some of the Witches here at pagan space.

Comment by BlackRaven on May 29, 2011 at 12:44am
I'm glad to be here.
Comment by Gawain on April 26, 2011 at 3:18am

 Hail All!!! Welcome to you newcomers.


Comment by Μιχάληs on April 12, 2011 at 10:51pm
For the Circle and for you Lady Hestia, I light the Red Candle.
Comment by Μιχάληs on April 12, 2011 at 10:47pm

On this night

Five candles I light

As to bring forth second sight

Through which I asked to see

The course by which I may truly Be

It was then I heard your call to me

Dear Lady Hestia

Comment by Μιχάληs on April 12, 2011 at 10:34pm

Dear Lady Hestia, it is a true honor to be invited into your circle.

With sincere, humble respect I thank you.


Comment by crazyfrogg on March 9, 2011 at 7:44am
Hello to all, i thank you for the invitation.
Comment by Destiny MoonChild on March 8, 2011 at 7:58am
Thank you so much for the invite. I look forward to being apart of this group.
Comment by Robin Wood on February 17, 2011 at 9:30am

Heya Blackbird =)


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