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I don't have one...yet but I was wondering if anyone in this group has a altar dedicated to Bastet. I really think that Bastet is a cool Goddess, unchanged by time and connected to everything.

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She's on my altar to stay. I have to share it with other deities if i wish to display them, but i wont compromise on having her statue there.
Oh she's on my altar as well. Even though I'm doing a little folk magic right now she will never leave my altar.
Here's my Bast altar

I have a beautiful 3 foot high stone statue of Bast, she sits in the fireplace here and has flowers and incense offered to Her. I love Bast, She approached me and I am very grateful! xxx
Wicked, love stone statues. They seem to last a lot longer then the ones crafted from cold cast resin. Hope that your far away from this Hurricane.
Aww yes, I hope to paint my statue one day too!

I'm in the UK, on the Isle of Wight, so luckily out of the nastiness. Hope that you are too? xx

that  sounds lovely. hope to have a similar tribute in my home some day soon.

I do. Shes our household Goddess so we always have her shrine up.

I am going to be adding a few statues of her to my altar at my apartment. I am thinking getting a statue of her, and an incense burner that i have seen. I just moved my altar to a different spot in the apartment that s more in the open then before.

I also have been doing a few purification rituals around my place to clear negative energy which seems to be doing a lot of good. But I still think could do more.

My altar seems to be ever changing on me, always adding new things....but thats not always bad.

i have a few cats that roam the nieghborhood. they always come home, but sometimes they like to stay away for a night or two. when they're away i set up a bastet alter with offerings and connections to the my cat. such as old collers, their name on a piece of paper, or a picture. asking her to watch over them and guide them safely home when they are ready.

This is my altar to Bast, Decorated for spring, before I moved it up to a higher place to keep it out of reach for my daughter. The picture on the wall was one I created before I bought my little statue. (which I have painted)


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