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The White Magicians Arsenal


The White Magicians Arsenal

A Group Completely Based On The White Arts of Healing, Protection & Countering, The How To's & The What To Does Of White Magic, Spell Exchanging, Textbook Exchanging, Conversing Experiences, Praying Together For Protection The More The More Powerful.

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The White Magicians Arsenal

The White Magicians Arsenal is here for nationwide support on those who are interested in the white arts. when one hexes another we are here to stop the hex, when ones life is going to hell we are here to help raise them up to stop them from falling, when one is being spiritually attacked we are here to prevent the attacks and send those dark forces back to where they came from, when one is injured we help them heal, when one practices the black arts we help them so that karma wont destroy them, we are the white in the tao, when theres multiples of us we are an unstoppable force, because in the end, the good always wins, and the darkness will bare repeating.

The sole purpose of the arsenal is,
to help one another with spells, spell exchanging & text exchanging,
to explain experiences so that our mistakes will help others not to make mistakes, Team Candle Burning, Team Praying & of coarse helpful information to start ones journey into the mixed up world of the occult. we will keep you sane if you tend to fall off the wagon, we are a big family!

Discussion Forum

Maharic Shield Technique

Started by Spiralmatrix Oct 30, 2017. 0 Replies

hi all, this is a very powerful technique for protection, purification, cleansing, and clearing.Temporary Maharic Seal Bio-RegenesisTechnique Short Version of the Maharic SeaI™ Bio-field Clearing,…Continue

Lessons in Magic, Self-Defense

Started by Gabrielle B-G. Last reply by Gabrielle B-G Apr 29, 2011. 2 Replies

I've learned through studying magic that in order to become more advanced, you have to counter maladies and find the source of them. But the only tool a magician has is her/himself. Independence of…Continue

Heres a few white magician books if thou dost needith

Started by Nicky Lubu (Ressurected). Last reply by the feral sage Oct 11, 2010. 3 Replies

right click and save or just open each oneContinue

Tags: rituals, spells, magic, white

Is this a working group?

Started by eirian rhiamon. Last reply by the feral sage Oct 11, 2010. 3 Replies

I'm sorry, and I don't mean to be rude and perhaps I am missing something but I don't find any information here to guide me along.  Am I overlooking forums, chats, messages?  It seems the last post…Continue

I invited a negaitive entity in

Started by The PaganPixie. Last reply by The PaganPixie Jan 22, 2010. 4 Replies

I invited a negative entity on to our property and home by mistake-it lied to me and pretended to be an innocent 17 year old boy.Here's the story that happened please help.  Continue

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Comment by Lady Gaia on October 25, 2011 at 11:28pm
Feral Sage,
Thank you for the lesson. I will begin practicing tomorrow.
Blessed Be!
Comment by Lady Gaia on October 25, 2011 at 2:33pm
Merry Meet All!

I have a problem that I need help with. My husband believes that he is hexed. I agree with him.

Since we have been married, every possible bad thing that could happen has happened.

I have managed to keep us afloat, but I'm exhausted, and I am in DESPERATE need for help.

I have a few books, and they cover hexing only very lightly. Furthermore, the spells call for ingredients that I have never heard of, much less know where to get.

Any way to break a hex or stop it, etc, without buying tons of things (we're on a tight budget) that may or may not work?

Here's another question for you all. I unfortunately moved to a place where unbeknownst to me is considered the Bible Belt. Which means that no occult shops, no pagan communities, etc. I've tried looking for stores, or something to the like, but I have found nothing. Any way of finding said places? I live in Oklahoma, the closest big city is Tulsa.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Blessed Be!

Comment by Jayelle on July 25, 2011 at 5:55pm
Thank you for the warm welcome!
Comment by Jayelle on July 23, 2011 at 7:01am
Hello everyone. I'm new here. I am learning to be a healer as I've come to realize that's where my path needs to go at this point. I've always been a "white witch" so here I am. I look forward to learning from all of you. :D
Comment by GiannCarlo on September 2, 2010 at 11:17am

Greetings beloved ones ,It is Time for some white Magic
Comment by sublime_light on February 26, 2010 at 2:15am
thank you for the invite :D
Comment by Mary Ianniccheri on February 16, 2010 at 2:34am
I am an energyworker and will put you on my "project status" list. I'm involved with another group called the Healing Circle of Light which does their worldwide healing sessions every Sunday. This is the type of case that we usually get results on. i will go into my remote healing mode and see what I get. What are your symptoms? If you are in pain, can you tell me where and the nature of this illness? What does it look like to you? Where and how does it slow down or stop your life. I see you are a Virgo, and sometimes they experience health issues before they become the best healers on the planet. Hang in there. If you have spirit attachments - I'll see them.
I'll write again tomorrow. xoxoxoxo * . . . . . .
Comment by Jana Mist on February 15, 2010 at 10:17pm
Merry Meet my Friends, I am in need of prayer I will be having surgary on Wednesday then another in two more weeks from that. On April the 12 th I will be traveling to UAB in Alabama to those who don't know it's like the Mayo clinic for some more testing. I have been used many times in the gifts of healing yet have fought health battles myself. I had to quit working because of health reasons none of the doctors seem to know what's going on. Could this be some kind of attack? I have always followed the code to harm none.
Comment by Morganna on January 23, 2010 at 8:51pm
Blessings Jersey Boy...and thank you for the invite..Morg
Comment by aelf.wihtgar.the.vitki on January 22, 2010 at 9:48pm
Wes dhu heil...

Greetings to all!

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