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What are the herbs and spices that protect houses from demons and or evil spirits? I have been having problems with a low level demonic entity I used to salt and gave it blessings said a prayer then placed on the corners of my dorm room and the window sills and as you enter the door. So what else can I do. I do however keep a pentagram close to the door to keep the demon out.

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Indeed, I was plagued by horrific nightmares for no apparent reason when I was in my teens.  For sure I thought I had some serious spirit in my room, I swear I could actually FEEL it.  I made a sachet of rosemary, oregano and thyme, sewed it up in a little pouch and placed it under my pillow.  I was never plagued again.  I got this info from a very old book of Scott Cunningham.
Garlic, and Basil are the strongest for such things that i'm aware of.. also onyx placed in the rooms where you're having issues really helps too
I use 13 dried eggs shells combined with salt and make into a powder. If you sprinkle it on doorways or carry some in a white sachet it will keep ghost from following you and entering your home. If you are interested I can get the preparation ritual for you.
I am very interested in this...can you get a link or something? I think it would be the easiest thing to do at my parents' house, as my mom bakes a lot and it seems like it could be hidden pretty well.
Angelica root! Ive had to use it a few times to get rid of negative entities in different places Ive lived. If you are interested in trying it, email me and I will tell you what needs to be done.
We had issues with an unsettled spirit...or maybe just bad vibes sent our way...
So I made talismans inscribed with a pentagram and runes (go figure) annointed with a protective oil and blessed...then we hung them above each window and door. In the spring I will extend the ward to include our yard and my gardens by placing witch bottles along the property line. To finish off the warding I also walked the house saying a protective charm while burning a sage smudge.

One thing I noticed was after the blessing and warding I was so tired...just bone weary.
I ended up having to lie was like something had just sucked the energy out of me.
Whether I over did it or something was trying to break my wards I have no idea...but wow.
I'm glad it is blocked for now.


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