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Time travel


Time travel

Are the ancients able to time travel hence worship to say they are reminding us of our purpose as a scientist or spiritualist by binary method is this possible

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Comment by Vito on July 2, 2013 at 5:57am

Time/space is a 4 th dimension of creation and as such has its own limitations (eg time is linear and can only  travel forward.) This is not to say that theoretically for the sake of argument, that being able to catch glimpses of past or present events is impossible.However, given the law of cause and effect (the cause is always greater than the effect) this necessarily entails that the source of this ability would be omnipotent.This is why God considers psychics etc to be an abomination. For eternity belongs to YHWH alone. He is the Alpha and the Omega.He alone, being outside of time and space (finite, created contructs) sees past, present and future all at once.Though demons, being of greater intelligence and power than us can be convincing, consider that even the 'genuine' occultists cannot get it right all the time. This is because demons, like humans, lack the ability to know the future. Reflect on that the times that psychics do get it 'right' almost invariably are in regards to a tragedy (eg a murder) which is quite telling, given their 'spirit guides' were the ones that caused the evil event to occur in the first place. When was the last time Madame Cleo won the lottery?(For some examples of real prophecy with a historically proven and exclusive 100% accuracy rate read this:)
Indeed this is truly a fascinating and thought-provoking subject, but ultimately I am convinced that time-travel isn't possible....... At least, this side of eternity What is time? Is it a circle? Is it many strands and threads woven together like the concept of astral time travel discussed very often but certainly this is possible Deja vu; seeing the future and past;

intuition/precognition is based on a future self warning me about things. Because I often regret something and think I NEED to could go back and warn myself. I would totally do that.Time is a human concept that is more about the study of rotation than linear flow. If applied to energy and mass the value we've assigned to time is the anticipated event horizon; and as demonstrated by the activities found on the cusp of black holes in space this has been proved to be anything but a constant. It's not unreasonable to then make the theoretical observation that possibility is maturing into tangible form then collapsing into oblivion constantly and simultaneously thus negating time all together, with exception to the human abstract. It would be a reason why magic and applied quantum physics seem to have look at it as a very basic model, reality has two forms, in regard to the existence of time. There is condensed reality, which we are used to on a daily basis, with which time rules from microsecond to microsecond; and there is the "uncondensed" reality of the astral. This reality is that of spirits, entities, and potentials. Matter does not exist, and time does not exist. All time is now. So many potentials of different things and events to happen in different ways, depending on probabilities. It is the animated model of a computer generated image, before the rendering. Parallel universes converge here, because they are still not solidified yet. Magick works to shift the solidification of the astral reality, before it condenses, hopefully into something that you want. There are limits as well as requirements, but there are very often results as well. You are probably best off using some object, having to do with where you want to go, as a sort of guide, or link. Doing it "free hand" is nearly just as likely to put you in some random parallel universe's version of the past, where things may have happened differently than the time stream that you are intending to look in, thus being rather unreliable. I am sure there are much better ways to do this, but time travel is not something I am very experienced with.

Comment by Vito on July 2, 2013 at 1:05am

The spider spinning it's web sands of dominion ebbing closer to the end there to be threaded in our own direction until a forever lesson back to the planet's evolotion be it oblivion or an horizon we live some suffer other laugh in pleasure is it ourselves to blame when in negative circumstances how being healthy is not always east so to waste time illness after illness some people where born to die and cry are the ancients able to time travel hence worship to say they are reminding us of our purpose as a scientist or spiritualist by binary method is this possible another explanation the individual past life memory at which point the argument the planet a vessel or impossible all that is factual if that is true in Atlantis the giants fractured a variation not so much a alien experiment but metamorphic rock changing as the core of life began to faulter to consider humans controlled creation and were formed adult at the same time as the planet and existed before the trees just as living forms are living rock by the composition of bone calcium that strange skin hich forms on rose quartz boulders so the debate all this idol worship as a comet that rains on the planet sentinels from history not actually alive or personified just a idea by example,science has created the antimatter particle which is in all called a God particle in definition to fashion or weaknesses of mind insecurity and genetic defects or the original experiment that souls do die after the body does these power spirits are not here all the time that is an illusion and only the guardians can reach us those such who were masters of creation turn one complete circle that is time travel basic animal ritual to be an ability kinetic relative founded ideas right to the elemental ball games to time travel the Earth must be the vessel peculation action and reaction same stories told as infantile fables to be scientific time travel is not possible because gravity of the planet as it is today then everything was different as one life form that fragmented into billions as friction of gravity brought us to ruin to reverse this would take everything even bacteria to listen


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