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I have been going through and making a list of necessities that the chosen location will need. For example, running water, fertile soil, and somewhat level ground. If we should choose a location in SE Missouri or Northern Arkansas, the climate would be decent and most areas would have a low population, meaning less costly property. These areas would also have timber, clay, and large to small limestone out crops and other rocks great for building materials.

However, as I have seen and heard from other people, as I have not traveled everywhere, Northern states seems to be a little more open minded and welcoming to other types of people. Of course this varies by location.

I have been watching Craigslist and local realty sites closely and have found some acreage in Northern Arkansas that is wooded. Only $1,300 an acre as well making it possible for each member of the community to purchase their own parcel of land instead of one owning all, as was my original idea. I was told by several that doing so would place me in charge, at least in many peoples eyes and I do not want that.

Someone, I will not name names, proposed the idea of a sponsorship. Acting like a pyramid and rolling down hill, but again I can only see this working if one person owned all of the land.

With that being said, I do still like the idea, as it would keep out trouble makers and riff raff, but I now open the floor for suggestions on land and location.

Also, I started a public forum for anyone to exchange ideas and some have presented the fact that we need rules. Every village, town, or city needs rules and/or ordinances. In said "charter", all founding member need to agree upon what is listed. However, now is not the time to get into it. I feel we should find a suitable location before drawing one up. Chickens before they hatch and all.

As i did above, I now open the floor for suggestions on the Charter topic.

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