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Just a quick thead to see who is still active in this group, also a place to check in.

Does anyone know what became of Joanne, Demeter, Mac'lir, Hellion and so on?

Hoping they are all safe and well.

If anyone has regular contact, please let me know.


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Still active but don't spend as much time as used to do on paganspace.

Good to see you back, spotted you on the main discussion forum. Clueless what happened to everyone. Joanne has not been on here for an age. Hopeful the group with pick up again. Ebbs and flows. If you find what happened to Mac'lir let me know!
Thank you for checking in Soth.

Members come and go, true. I have been absent from PS for a while, returning to what was once a vibrant group, full of chatter, banter, info and debate is now like a ghost town, sad really :(

Ah well, the sun is shining in the North this morning (UK summer has been abysmal I believe?).

Enjoy :)

Mac's safe and well..............and still  pissing off the establishment...:) 

Haha good to hear from you Mac 


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