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ok so basicly i have a situation on hand.

the reason i put this disscusion out here is i need the help of the more experinced healers here.

my wife has fallen very ill and the issue is pressing medical science atleast to the level they are willing to help has come to a stand still. what i need is all those of you that are willing to help and have the ability to work over distance ( alot of distance) to send me a message on here and i will explain more the only reason i dont tell every one what it is on here is to preserve some privacy. no point in throwing my wifes buisness out there to people that cant or arent willing to help.


from one reiki master to the others and the student that work endlessly to become masters remember Hito ni shinsetsu ni be kind to others

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i am sorry that i cant help but all my blessings are with your wife may she be in good hands love and blessings to you and you family
I may be able to help. A 20 min session on my future father-in-law made a malevolent tumor die and start shrinking a day before they were going to, unwillingly due to location, remove it.


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