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This may be a ridiculous question, but I just recently bought Christopher Penczak's "The Magick of Reiki", and was wondering how I would go about getting attuned...any suggestions?

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Moonrayne, Nope, not a silly question. I would try and find a Reiki master near you and meet with them, and if it feels right, have them do an attunement on you. Each Master will have different requirements depending on how they themself were taught.
I called one guy but he didnt answer...but I'll keep looking around. Thank you!
its funny i actuallly had almost the exact same question when i was trying to get my first attunment. although i cant really help you on this at all i will tell you to make sure your feeling pretty good when ever it is that you get the first attunement otherwise its going to be a rough day. it really is a beautiful thing to be a part of it has been an amazing part of my life since day one and to this day being a teacher/ master has been an amazing experience
I just added that book to our inventory! Is it a good read? Let me know what you think. The attunement process is simple...i will let you know when the book arrives regarding the symbolism. This book struck me as well.
that was my first reiki book oh how i miss it i gave it to one of my students
I love the book myself...I havnt gotten too far into though because I'm not attuned yet.

I agree with other replies that you should seek a local Reiki Class taught by a reputable Reiki Master/Teacher. I myself am a Reiki/Master Teacher, however, am quite a distance from Michigan. However, the Master that trained me has a wonderful section on her website listing important points to consider when choosing an instructor. I'll give you a link.



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