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my sister in law dose reiki with my nices but i know nothing about it i whould like to know more becuz she is not a wiccan but she finds it clamming  i whould like to know more about it so i can help them and give her some awnsers please help me i whould like to know so that they dont do somethng wrong my nices are only 7 and i know that everything we do is important and we need to do it right thank you moonshadow

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Hi. Your best bet would be to find a teacher in your area. There are many classes you can take.  Some are expensive and some aren't so ask around.  A good way to find a teacher is to go to a reiki healing circle in your area and ask there.


The thing with reiki is that it's not really a pagan technique.  It is a spiritual practice that can be done by people of many religions.  


If you have specific answers you're looking for then asking around on here might help.  

thanks i live in hawaii so it might be kind of hard to find a teacher but i found some stuff on line
There are also a lot of great books out there. I found one called Reiki for Life that seems really good so far. There's also a few blogs out there that are really good.

One I really like is : I learned a lot reading her blog

thanks i cheked it out blessings moonshadow



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