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Last night a friend and I went to a reiki healing circle. Now, while I always wanted to learn reiki I had never had it done on myself. A woman we both know was holding the circle and invited us.

First we did a guided meditation which was very relaxing. In the meditation I recieved a message that I need to fill my heart with love and share compassion with others, especially my children. This is something I had also received in my own meditations and have been striving for.

My friend received a healing first. Now I've always been sensitive to energy but the energy I felt fill the room as she was having reiki done was amazing. I had never felt that particular energy before. I don't even know how to describe it but it was the cleanest and most pure energy I've ever felt! But it didn't prepare me for what I felt when it was my turn.

When she began on me I immediately felt an almost overwhelming amount of energy wash over me. I almost blocked it but quickly reminded myself to accept the energy. I felt very warm and a sort of pressure all around and inside me.

When she touched me her hands felt very warm. Even though I had read about how warm a reiki healer's hands can feel, I didn't expect this. It was almost like when you test an iron to see if it's on. The warmth you feel coming off of the iron, even though you didn't touch it, is the same intense warmth I felt. The difference is that this warmth felt very pleasant.

When her hand moved to my back I began to feel a sort of pain along my spine. Even though I had read that on some occasions a person might feel pain where the healing is happening, I didn't expect to feel it myself. I also felt the urge to lean to the right. I didn't want to interrupt and so I didn't say anything or move.

As she worked around my body I still felt warmth from her. The pain in my back continued but it wasn't really a bad sort of pain (on a scale of 1-10 it was barely a 2). I'm used to my back hurting but this was different. I felt that there was a reason for it and made a mental note to ask her when she was done.

After she finished I smiled. I still felt some pain in my back and decided to lean to the right, just like I had the urge to do during the healing. As I leaned to the right I looked down at my lap and noticed that I was sitting straighter than I normally do.

I held myself in this posture and almost immediately the pain went away. In it's place I felt an odd sort of pressure. It was like having an ace bandage wrapped securely around that part of my body, but not uncomfortable the way ace bandages were. To me it was like having a bandage made of pure energy wrap around my spine and the muscles surrounding it. It was a very pleasant feeling.

After she was done with everyone I mentioned all of this to her. I told her that it felt as though while she was doing the healing my spine was trying to straighten itself. I had never noticed before that I tend to lean a bit to the left. It was like an energetic chiropractic adjustment!

All the way home I payed attention to my posture. Usually when I drive my back hurts a little bit. Not too much, just enough to be very uncomfortable. However, this time my back didn't hurt at all! And I had a 45 min drive too!!

It's funny but all the way to the healing circle I was thinking of so many ailments and issues I want to work on and was hoping would be helped. But the one thing I didn't even think to think of was my back!

There are also some other things I've noticed since last night. I slept better last night than I ever do (I'm a chronic insomniac). I have more energy today than I have in a very long time (chronic fatigue). I haven't had even the hint of a migraine (I get them almost every day). I feel calm and relaxed in a way I hardly ever do.

My friend who held the circle is going on vacation in a few days. I told her when she gets back I would like a full session if possible. The time she does her healings is a perfect time for me to see her. I so look forward to it!

She's going to help me find a teacher as well. I wanted to learn reiki. But after last night I want to more than ever! I want to share this amazing gift with others! I feel that at last I have found the path (or at least part of the path) that I am meant to travel. For years I talked about searching for something. Feeling as though there is something I'm meant to do that I'm not doing.

Healing. That's what I'm meant to do.


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