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The Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another. I call these "wheels within wheels" Chakras.

The Merkaba is a counter-rotating field of light generated from the spinning of specific geometric forms that simultaneously affects one's spirit and body. It is a vehicle that can aid mind, body and spirit to access and experience other planes of reality or potentials of life. The Merkaba is a tool that helps humans reach their full potential. It aids people to learn more about themselves, connect with their higher selves, and move to new levels of awareness. The Merkaba is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body, and heart together. This energy field created from sacred geometry extends around the body for a distance of 55 feet. These geometric energy fields normally spin around our bodies at close to the speed of light, but for most of us they have slowed down or stopped spinning entirely due to a lack of attention and use. When this field is reactivated and spinning properly, it is called a Merkaba.

A fully activated Merkaba looks just like the structure of a galaxy. The Merkaba enables us to experience expanded awareness, connects us with elevated potentials of consciousness, and restores access and memory of the infinite possibilities of our being. It does this by fluidly integrating our feminine (intuitive, receptive) and masculine (active, dynamic) aspects of our mind and spirit.

     The most common Reiki Traditions found in the U.S. are Usui and Karuna. Both Traditions effect all three realms, Physical, Etheric, and Spirit. However, Usui primarily works with the Soul's connection to the Earth through the physical chakras. Karuna deals more with the Soul's connection to the Etheric Realm through the etheric chakras found in the Aura. Tamashii's focus is with the Soul's connection to the Divine through the 20 chakras found in the Spirit Realm.

Considering the level of energy we're working with at this point, I thought it appropriate to correlate the 20 chakras to 20 points of the Tree of Life. These 20 points are the framework for the Tree, just as the 20 chakra points are the framework or template for human life. You will note that I have neglected the Rays (diagonal Pathways). I feel that those are the main "lines of communication" between a unique form and the Divine Source, none should trespass there.


The first Attunement strengthens the initial framework for your unique form, providing a boost in frequency and strength in your overall energy field. A sturdier framework means easier communication between the conscious mind and the Higher Self.

The second Attunement allows for a stronger flow of Divine Energy throughout the unique form. This enhances our Intuition, our connection to our Higher Selves and our ability to re-connect with the Higher Planes.

The third Attunement balances the Masculine and Feminine Energies of The Tree of Life. This final Attunement completes the activation of all 20 Spirit Chakras. This high frequency of Spirit energy resonates harmoniously throughout all three Realms.


Anybody want to play? :D





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There is only one proper spelling of MRKBH = 267 = Chariot = Will ,

as it is a Obri / Hebrew word...thus , with vowels added , Merkabah...


Check a Obri / Hebrew I taught Drunvalo , and others

of his fold , there can be no variation of a word from the original language ,

without changing meaning and energy...


And nice your tradition has 20 chakras...enjoy them...;)

Well, I'm not Hebrew and I'm not not a Hermetic Magician. I hate unnecessary math and over complication. Nor am I a student of the the Kaballah or Melchizedek or any other super-spacey-new-agey-angelic group.

The Merkabah/Merkaba-what-ever-spelling-you-want is the natural effect of balancing the energies of one's personal energy grid, or Light Body, beginning with the Spirit and working your through to the Physical. Tamashii Reiki accomplishes this.

So, why don't you do me a favor, O Teacher of Drunvalo. Make a chart correlating the Hebrew version of the Kaballah, you can even toss in the math if you want, to my Chakra chart and see if they sync up. ;-)


I don't have graphic capability , as do you...


However , if you are :


1. Working with a Hebrew word


2. Working with the Hebrew tree


You might want to look into doing that yourself ,

checking into pathworking the tree , the Hebrew

correspondences of the Sephiroth , and some

gematria along the way...


And making the chart yourself , with that composite

knowledge...just a suggestion , as I am not against

your tradition at all...just seems a bit strange to

combine the things you do , without , as you "seem"

to be saying , you do not work with the Hebrew

tradition , yet are using their tree , and word...


I am well aware of the Merkabah , and how the will

activates it , whether personal or universal will...


Good fortune with your game and path...


Just consider looking into the Hebrew tree , then

creating your own to you...

hehehe my "graphics" is LOL OpenOffice, the generic Word program. It let's you put a pic in and "decorate" it, VERY HANDY!! :D 

I don't really want to go all Hebrew with it, because I'm trying to, somewhat, simplify an already complex subject. If I were to throw in all the.... proper(?) terminology I would feel compelled to go through each Path by name & number, and knowing me I'd figure out what Symbol equates to what THEN I'd add the 20 chakra points for Tamashii and again, knowing me, I'd want to give each of 32 chakras their own Symbol. I'm too OCD for that project nothing would ever get done LOL It would be a cool project for someone into all that and has a base of understanding though ;-)

I'm a straight Energy Worker and have been for 20 years. Tamashii Reiki came about because of an idle thought spawned by New Chakra Healing, "What would happen if you ran Reiki through all 32 Chakras?" That night I received 5 Symbols. I thought they were very redundant, I was 2nd Degree at the time, and they stayed in my little note book.

A decade later the thought pops up again, this time I realize what the Symbols are for. YAY experience! I initially did think about correlating the 32 Chakras with the 32 Pathways of the Kaballah. Then I realized how much work that was and decided to just focus on the 20 Spirit Chakras ;-) Narrowing it down to just the 20 makes it possible to deal with the (a?) Template for Human Existence. It leaves the 12 Pathways for the individual to manifest their own uniqueness. 

Running Reiki through the "framework" of the Tree of Life, however, strengthens the "framework" of the individual. This raises one's level of Awareness and Consciousness making it easier to perform more complex Practices. ie Healing, actual Merkabah work, High Ceremonial Magicks, Kundalini Yoga, and ANY energy based Practices.

I blend the Practices of many, many Traditions/Faiths together because I realized that all of the various Faiths are just different ways of perceiving the same Divine Source. The different Practices of all the different Faiths all have the same goals. Purify yourself, be Aware of the Divine and your link to the Source, and Serve your Purpose.


Tamashii Reiki allows one to find to realize their connection to the Divine and find their Purpose.







































This is very interesting. I'm still learning about reiki and while I've learned a lot I'm constantly learning more. I hadn't heard of Tamashii Reiki yet and I'm definitely going to look into it.
Thanks very much! Let me know if you want some help finding info. I have a LOT of Reiki links :D

Now that was a good answer...


Thanks for the time put into it...:)...


And I understand the complexity , and how deep things can get , quickly...


I work with quite a system myself , and have for 17 + years...


Not only gematria , but sonics , magic(k) , and I teach a form of Reiki ,

called "Dragon Reiki"...


Yet not the one publically out there today...and it is not just the

Reiki , yet working with terrestrial and celestial currents , and

Body Soul , Etheric Body Blueprint , Oversoul , as well accessing ,

and working with Otherworld energies...


Yeah , it can get;)


Good fortune with your workings !

VERY COOL!! You may find this of interest then.



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