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Some of the latest Information

1. First Degree Pagan Initiation  
2. How to Clear Persistent Emotions that Hold You Back    
3. Fairy Changelings   
4. The Vampire Community: History and Context    
5. More Info about the Sidhe 
6. Lilith: From Demoness to Dark Goddess  
7. Spring Equinox ~ Extract from Sacred Earth Celebrations By Glennie ...
8. The Faerie Folk   
9. Mayan Religion and Cosmology
10. The Vampire Community: History and Context  

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ALL problems are brought up to council and punishment for breaking these rules is voted on in as we are a very DEMOCRATIC Network and Temple... 


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Please feel free to contact them should you have a question/problem anywhere on the site. The Vampyrian beliefs are best explained in the TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow Books available HERE:


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