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Throughout history, every culture of humanity has had an incarnation of the vampire. The hili is a vampire that hunts the Xhosa people of South Africa. Not all vampires are the undead, such as the brykolakas of Greece. There are many cases of a living person being a vampire, such as the vampire witches of Spain and Mexico. And not all vampires are considered evil, the talamaur of Australia is not only a living person, but it may choose to be a force of good. Some vampires, like the grobnik of Bulgaria, feeds strictly on cattle and animal carcasses. The algul vampire of Arabic lore consumes rice and the gaki of Japan is a psychic vampire that feeds on the topknots of samurai or the thoughts of a person meditating. Sixty some species of vampires originated in the Greek isles. Many of these vampires come out either in the day or night. The Aztecs had vampiric gods as well as vampiric demons., and so do the Hindus, whose religion is still practiced today throughout the World. The pishtaco of Peru has been evolving in appearance and hunting tactics from ancient times until even today.

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