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 Having been a vegetarian for many years and also an Occultist and traditionalist Witch I am very aware that there is a vast energetic difference between foods eaten by vegetarians.

Most vegetarians just eat any vegetable products even if grown by conventional means without giving the matter much thought. Conventionally grown food however us full of pesticides and poisons! The situation is so bad that here in Australia a person was hospitalized after eating a Chinese vegetable on which to much pestucide had been used!

So I try always ti eat organic vegetables. Organic vegetables are all well and good but their energy levels when grown by conventional means (although not dangerous in the way described above) Leave a lot to be desired!

So What's a Witch to do!

Use their occult knowledge of course!

There are three major and some minor ways of growing vegetarian foods that add energy to the food! all three of them are referred to in Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird's excellent book "Secrets Of the Soil".

The methods are:

(1) Towers of Power in this case towers of para magnetic substance are used to channel energy into the soil. This method derives ultimately erom ancient Irish Agricultural methods.

(2) Agni Horta This method derives ultimately from Ancient Vedic Agricultural practice and consists of a combination of sacred fires, Sacred stones and sacred Chants.

(3) Biodynamic Agriculture developed by Rudolf Steiner from ancient Germanic agricultural practice and his own clairvoyant observation.  this method has many parts to it and I will not attempt to outline them here suffice it to say that I consider this to be the most important and highest energy alternative.

There are some other advantages of Biodynamic Agriculture.

Firstly it is an international brand which means a uniform quality with the certification.

Secondly they fave their own inspectors and quality control that is mot beholden to any government.

Thirdly and most importantly the food tastes Delicious!!!

Don't Let the price cut you off because there are also Biodynamic Gardning groups that will help you to grow your own deliciously Biodynamic food in your own garden or even in a window box in your apartment for only a few dollars a year!

If even this alternative us impossible just take your pendulum along with you when you go shopping and dowse for quality. energy levels and compatibility with your own metabolism! I haven't been thrown out of a shop for waving my pendulum over the merchandiser yet!!!

So Eat Safely; Eat energetically and eat Deliciously!

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The biodynamic agriculture Association produces a complete yearly flanking guide with detailed instructions made especially for the graphical  latitude and longitude.

Although any system of the moon  will add energy to the food in my opinion the more energy adding methods that are used the better! I will add that since the biodynamic method the utilizes    "energy" form cow horns to channel energy into the food it is particularly "Pagan friendly"becence  utilizes the energy of the Horned God and the Earth Mother.


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