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Vegetarians as universal hospitality giverds and the uniting of traditions.

Vegetarian food (with one minor exception which I will deal with below) has the advantage that it is acceptable to all the worlds religions that have food taboos as part of their practice.


In Hinduism Vegetarianism is a preferred option as a "karma free" diet.

In Buddhism although the Sanga (Monks and Nuns) are obliged to eat what ever is put in their begging bowls and consequently occasionally eat meat, vegetarian food is also considered as the best option for the same reasons as Hinduism.

In Judaism all vegetables are kosher.

In Islam all vegetables are Halal.

In Traditionalist witchcraft those of us who are vegetarian can ignore the prohibition on consuming goat dog or crow flesh.

Although Christianity does not have food taboos there is nothing to prevent any Christian eating vegetarian food.

The only religion that I know of that has any kind of vegetable taboo is that of the Yezedi who are not allowed to eat (or even look at) lettuce!

So if vegetarian hospitality givers exclude lettuce from their menus (a good idea in my opinion since I don't like it and have even been known to remark "I am a vegetarian not a rabbit"), they are in a position to b e universal hospitality givers whose tables are acceptable to everyone no matter what their creed.

As anyone who has been a meal provider will attest there is nothing like a good meal to bring people together in a congenial fashion. I have often had people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds at my table and the resultant friendly exchange have been a joy to facilitate and take part in.

Vegetarian hospitality has the potential to unite normaly hostile parties in a peaceful and fruitful interchange.

Become a vegetarian hospitality giver!

Make your table available!

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