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Best way to petition Papa Legba, for a beginner seeking to open the door to learn?

Hello, I feel as if I want to petition Papa Legba to open the door for me to begin to incorporate Vodou into my spiritual path. I'm sure this may not be the traditional way to start learning but something inside me tells me it's what I should do, as I am in no rush to practice I just want to be open to receive it. So, I am curious as to if and how any of you have petitioned Papa Legba at the beginning of your journeys and how you did it?

Thanks for any info.

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I heard from my friends about Papa legba. I heard so many good things that i decided to do a search. I Learned about him. then one day i decided to light 3 red candles, the cigar, place tree penny, and a glass of water with his veve drawn in a wood. I been blessed by him. the day of light candles for him is on monday and he need to have his own shrine cause he doesnt like to share with others. he will let yoyu know.

you will be bless and u will see the chsnge in your life
Legba will share if he has to.... its not such a big deal. Generally though putting him next to your door is a good idea, he likes to be near doorways and gates. We dont generally give him cigars, he'll take them but they're not his favourite..... that'd be something called Mayi Griye, whiich is dry grilled corn; take dry corn kernels and toast them in a pan (not so they pop, but they'll brown a little bit on the edges). A cup of coffee from time to time, black but with sugar, will also keep him happy. So will rum, to warm up his ol' bones.

Red, White, Brown... any of those are good candle colors for him; sometimes you'll see a glass 7 day candle that's a yellow candle with a pic of St Lazarus; those work well too.
Thanks for your input :)
Good info, thanks Matt. Papa Legba has had an influence on me growing up and is often a guest star in dreams so thanks for the heads up about the dry corn kernels :)
Houngan Matt, I've seen Legba offered cigars before. Or rather I've seen them on his altar. When you petition him is it appropiate to light the cigar and blow the smoke as an offering each time when starting a prayer to him, or do you just leave it be?
Thanks for your input :)
Honestly... go out and get some corn, cheyenne pepper, pipe tobacco &a corn cob pipe... and make a little walking cane out of tin or something you have lying around the house... set up your prayer/petition table... offer him some whiskey, drink some yourself, after you have poored Legba some... and then, that is when you do the talking, hun =) Oh, and pay attention, when he cracks a joke!
Hey JC, traditionallly Papa Legba's shrine is kept by the front door and you can put a St. Peter or St. Lazarus novena candle there. I've seen both saints represent Legba. St. Peter is the one who stands at the gates and St. Lazarus is depicted as an old man with a cane like Papa Legba (though Legba may be seen as young or old). An old friend of mine, her mom would keep her altar to him by the front door and there would often be a shot of rum for him, a cigar, some sweets, and white candles burning, as well as some symbols like a walking stick, key, and one of those round field hats... Before making a petition or working pray to Papa Legba first something like "Papa Legba open the doors for me so that I may serve the spirits faithfully."

Thanks this is great information for a beginner!

I know this is an older post but I still feel like sharing. :)

Legba came to me in the night when I was 13. I was growing up in Bean Station, TN... a town with not even a single traffic light, less than 1,000 people, no internet, and the next library was thirty miles away at that time. He told me his name and told me he'd guide me and make sure I was protected by forces beyond either of us. (I was going through some tough personal teen girl bs) I had no idea what to make of it, though I had seen apparitions, visions, ghosts, faeries, and heard other voices my entire life. No other voices had I ever heard so clearly... no others had named themselves. He petitioned me, instead, and asked me to make him a small shrine of sorts at my bedroom window. He had me take one of my many angel figurines and paint it with chocolate that he asked me melt in the flame of a red candle. And that's how we met. :)

He's a very kind and open grandfatherly figure to me and exhibits a gentle but abundant sense of humor while still never negating the seriousness with which I may come to him at times. He loves sweets. He goes crazy over my red velvet. It's widely known he enjoys rum. (He didn't very much like the rye whiskey I gave him a few nights ago... lol) And also, asks me for a cigarette from time to time. A simple altar such as this or those our dear fellows here have described will attract his attention, but I also encourage you to call him out loud at this altar by name and to introduce yourself matrolineally by stating your full given name followed by, "son of [insert mother's full MAIDEN name]" and plea, "may you open your gate and guide me through on either side as you would see fit". Pictures of deceased family members or those closely linked to family laid upon the altar can also help the spirits find you. Also, the walking stick mentioned by brother Jordan will definitely help in Papa's willingness and ableness to guide you! Blessed be, and happy journeys with the lwa, dear brother JC, and all who would wish to benefit from the friendship and guidance of Papa Legba! <3


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