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Hey there,

As any of you who know me knows that I'm not a Scorpio, I'm a Pisces. If you are a Scorpio and you want to learn more about your sign, you can come here or if you are another water sign and what to learn more about Scorpios to see if you are compatible in a love match:

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I'm glad you do :)
I agree with all those too LunaWynne. Truth is especially a big one for me.
Thank you for creating this group. I'm a scorpio and believe me-- everything they say about us is true. Very glad to be here. Many blessings to all group members.

I'm a Scorpio, a very proud one and we tend to get a pretty bad rap in most descriptions of us until recent years.

Here's the good with the bad and what others have agreed with in Scorpio traits...

-Extremely loyal, to the point of expecting others to be just as loyal otherwise we tend not to trust them.

-Speaking of trust, we find that hard to do anyway.

-Deeply passionate. Sexual expression is our best expression. If the passion sucks it effects our relationship on a personal level. Note:Passion is not always sexual.

-Forgiveness?...whats that? Bite me and I'll NEVER forget it. I might be normal around u but it'll always be in the back of my mind not to trust u ever again. I am forgiving to those who deserve/earn it but it's rare.

-If it looks like we're not paying attention don't be misled, we are. 2 conversations going on around us and us being busy and we will know what each conversation was about as well as the intent behind them AND our work will be done like we weren't distracted at all.

-Yes, we sting. It takes a lot for me to do it but push me enough and I'll make you hurt like u never knew you could. You will be warned in some way before it happens though.

-Pride is a big part of me. Degrading me will earn u an I.O.U and revenge is always served cold. I can wait a lifetime. Thats if I can't bring u down at the time.

-Ego, lets be honest...yep. But not to the point of making fools of ourselves. It would be rare to find us doing that.

-Penetrating eyes that apparently bring down defences. We can, so I've read, get any man/woman we set our sights to with them.

-Very Insightful

-Strong, emotionally.


-Very romantic. Scorpio men are said to be the most romantic of all. Scorpio's generally are meant to be very good kissers :)

-Compliments from Scorps are earned. You will get a compliment if we really mean it...or if it serves a greater purpose. ...did I mention we can be ruthless?! Some write ups about us say we are ruthless but I think they mistake our strength and 'getting what we want' motivation with it. It would take someone to be ruthless to me before I'd consider being ruthless back to them.

-Probably the most loving and respectful partner anyone could have. Once we know someone loves us, if he/she asks for the moon, we WILL bring it to them.

- We can seem so calm on the outside but the inside can be hidden so carefully and well. Our eyes will speak more than our mouths no matter what we are feeling.

-Once a Scorp is sure of their partner no hesitation of showing of love and affection will occur.



Thats all I can think of for now. Some might just be personal traits of mine and my planetary mix :)


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