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Parking Spell

Every good Witch knows a parking spell. Part of the training many of us go through during our first few years in the occult arts is how to bring magick into everyday life. Parking spells are a great example of thnis,eswpecially if they are short and rhythmic. That way they are easier to chant, allowing your mind to focus more deeply on your magickal intent. When you arrive to your destination and begin looking for parking, visualize an available spot near the door.

As you do this chant:

Goddess and God of love and grace,
Help me find a parking space.

It's important you visualize your car driving into this spot. You don't want someone else driving into your spot! Be sure to offer some grattitude for your parling.

You may wish to say something like:

Thank you for this parking spot,
Within my heart, I forget you not.

We use:

Hail Asphalta, full of grace
Help me find a parking space.
Not too near and not too far,
the perfect space to place this car.

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