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Welcome to Witches of The World!

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I am working to get this group up and running so please bear with me... :-) But feel free to start a discussion or just introduce yourself!

Big Hugs & Much Love,

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Comment by Tegwedd ShadowDancer on Wednesday

Very good.  The word I was searching for was eclectic.    I'm NROOGD and Georgian by initiation, but I have also studied Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Black Forest Brethren, and a couple authors, some Scott Cunningham, yes, but also Christopher Penczak.  I met Scott Cunningham at Ancient Ways the store some years back before he died.  Quite a personable young man, and he saw to it that his parents were well taken care of.  I was initiated into a coven for my 1st and 3rd degrees, but my 2nd was self bestowed.  I'm pretty old school in some ways, but since it is actually the Goddess Who initiates you, who's to say that you need a human to initiate you at all?

Comment by Sherman Wayne Tibbels on Wednesday

For the most part you are correct but I am a solitary Wiccan I follow a lot of Scott Cunningham's teachings. Sadly enough Mr.Cunningham passed on before I could actually meet him but over the grand course of twenty plus years I have studied, Wiccan and since being a Solitary I learned from Mr.Cunningham's teachings that I could start my own Wiccan Trad. I still follow the very fundamentals Wiccan and I truly Wiccan to the very core of my being. I have never so strongly as I do about what I practice and believe nothing has ever felt so right and so true as this, I consider being called a self taught a compliment I really do because, being adopted I was raised in a Christian home but I had always felt out of place and like I didn't fit I tried to like a good son should. But I had always felt drawn to Wiccan I felt a strong connection with nature and as I began to explore this the more I began to realize that I was lying to myself about who I truly was and what I was for lack of a better word at 16 years old I started studying Wiccan and I had gotten sidetracked for one reason or another but after I moved away from home I was able to fully explore who I was and became a solitary Wiccan some twenty years ago. I began to study intensely and also discovered that I could start my own wiccan trad. In which I have made sure that it was still very Wiccan in every since of the word following so please forgive for rambling like this the name of my trad. is The way of The Goddess and God. Blessings to all my The Goddess and God keep safe and always blessed.  Blessed Be!

Comment by Tegwedd ShadowDancer on Tuesday

Very good, Sherm.  But you left out one thing, the name of your trad.  You sound self-taught, so you're probably generic. Good to make your acquaintance.

Comment by Sherman Wayne Tibbels on Tuesday

Well first of thank you Shadow Dancer originally I was born in the Ft. Worth area Texas I was adopted and I did some research on my birth parents. And discovered that I was half Scottish and Irish talk about a personality conflict its an unusual combination to say the least I follow the Wiccan path totally and faithfully despite some rather strong opposition from family and some friends, who are convinced that I will burn in hell if I don't repent and find God. But I still pass judgment one no one I feel like Wicca is right for as my spiritual path I respect life and nature I honor the Earth Mother Gaia, I write my own Wiccan prayers and blessings and write some poems I also Honor The Goddess Diana and the God Kernunnos I also work with healing Runes and Tarot Cards I love helping others if they have a need I ask the Goddess the best way to proceed and go from there so to speak. I have had one near death experience and it has truly changed my life for the better and has made my Wiccans beliefs even stronger than ever. I know this has been rather long and I seem to be rambling but I will post more later,but I have a long day a work in the morning and 5a.m. comes early may The Goddess and the God bless you and keep safe.  Blessed Be!

Comment by Tegwedd ShadowDancer on Monday

Glad you like use, Sherman.  You won't find adverse judgment here, just loving acceptance.  How about telling us a little about yourself, Sherm?  Where do you come from, which is your trad, and what are your favorite things about being a Witch?  I come from California, my trads are NROOGD and Georgian, and I like divination, ritual design, and aspecting.  What about you?  Not just you, Sherman, but everyone here, just to get some activity going.

Comment by Sherman Wayne Tibbels on October 18, 2014 at 11:35pm

It is such a blessing to find a web site that Wiccans can come together and share ideas and thoughts. Here I feel like I am and understood and not feared or condemned  because my beliefs are different may The Goddess and God Bless all who support this web site. Blessed Be!

Comment by Amethyst Lily on September 28, 2014 at 3:33pm
Merry Meet & Brightest Blessings to all! :)
Comment by Shaedow Raven on September 25, 2014 at 12:47pm

Thank u for adding me to this group. I hope to see much activity, as I love to talk with like-minded people (there r none I have found where I am at).  Good day everyone!

Comment by Adolpha Gavina on September 22, 2014 at 5:51am
Comment by Diana Marie McClemingham on July 22, 2014 at 3:32pm

I am Nightplays Dai and I really have been finding wiccan[s] who are true in my area. They are here somewhere however, they are into much sex- magick. I myself am not into sex magick and I do think the present green ,white, grey, and kitchen magick is the way to really and truly know oneself and so do they. I have been a wiccan/ warloche for 15 years and I was pleased to find Paganspace. net. I also study though the old way to increase my awareness as a good black wiccan. The coven/convent I belong to is surrounded by Warloches and provide me with endless pleasure in the form of removing my haters all over Harlem, New York. My dearest Warloches rid me of Muslims. They are white and they understand following my lead and using the black magick they have to lead me to other wiccan like myself. I sure would find it a pleasure to be apart a wiccan coven and bring the ways of magick -protection to your soul by the hands of my adorable warloches. I bid you a very find summer and a so peaceful night- Ashanti- Nightplays Dai.


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