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Please note: I was using the name Erda at the time I wrote this.

Erda. Good evening, Maria Orsic. I am happy to be able to talk with you again. As my readers must know, you cannot be alive in a physical body at this time. Can you tell us exactly what you are now, and how you can communicate with me?

Maria. I do have, at the present time, a personality in physical expression---but she is not aware of our conversation. I am what you commonly call the Higher Self, or in Sanskrit, the jivatma. I am merely using the name and form of my most recent lifetime as a convenient way of speaking with you.

Erda. And what enables us to speak together?

Maria. You know yourself how clairaudient you are.

Erda. Yes, interdimensional communication is easy for me. I would like to discuss the sobriquet that Martin Sander used for you---he wrote a book about you entitled “The Goddess of the Devil”. Naturally he thinks that you were a faithful Nazi, and it must seem obvious to my readers that you were. Could you say something about your relation to the Nazi party and its policies?

Maria. In the very center of the Nazi world I was a secret opponent of Hitler.

Erda. In order that we might understand this, let us return to 1919 in our imagination, to the time when you received the blueprints for the first Vril Flying Disc. You did give these to the military, did you not?

Maria. Germany was already a democracy at that time, and I had no way of knowing that a ruthless dictator would rule the nation in 13 years.

Erda. It is a matter of public record that you continued to receive plans for the Vril discs from what you claimed was an “extraterrestrial civilization” that had the star Aldebaran for its sun. You continued to work in the Vril Society to develop several models of the disc.

Maria. The models I developed were intended for peaceful uses and were unarmed. The Aldebarani or “Nordics”, as they were called, did not intend to give us weapons of war.

Erda. Now tell my readers about your work in the Vril Society once the war had begun. You and the Vril maidens . . .

Maria. We used our occult powers to thwart the development of a fleet of Vril discs. Every time a particular model of Vril disc was ready for manufacture, we placed the thought in the minds of the directors of the project that the prototype was inadequate, and a new model would be necessary. The Nazi war machine created more than eleven generations of disc, but only a few of each type.

Erda. I hope that my readers are aware of how dangerous it was to do this, for any one of your group could have betrayed you.

Maria. I did not let the Vril Maidens know exactly what my purpose was. Most of the work I did alone. Naturally secrecy was essential or we would all have been killed immediately.

Erda. As the war was nearing its end you escaped Berlin, but there are several different theories about what you did and where you went. Some say that you went to Germany’s secret submarine base in the Antarctic, and some say you used a Vril disc to escape to Aldebaran. Then there are those who think that you went to the United States under the auspices of Operation Paperclip.

Maria. The latter is true, but I would rather not talk too much about it. I knew various persons . . .

Erda. I understand. At any rate I think that our discussion has fulfilled its purpose of clearing your name of the charges that as a loyal Nazi you were complicit in the crimes of the Third Reich.

Maria. Thank you. I truly appreciated this opportunity to speak.

Below: Maria Orsic

Below: A Vril Flying Disc

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I think you could conclude at this time that being she has nothing to win or lose in this discussion, we could assume that she is telling you the truth.


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