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  • Herne's Forest

    179 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday A place for Men to gather and discuss Men's Mysteries and Male Paganism.

  • Pagan Haven

    32 members Latest Activity: 27 minutes ago

    Green Angel & Amethyst Samia, Group Owners


    A safe & open forum to share & disagree with thoughts, ideas,…

  • Back to Nature

    131 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

     A Group  by Morgaine and Sunny

    Sometimes our Paths are found simply by examining what is right in front of us, Nature. For old…

  • Snow Wolf's NING Theme's

    1 member Latest Activity: Apr 14

    will be adding themes daily if i can, i also have a theme site where there are some themes and will be adding more as i can, i also take requests…

  • The Veiled Order

    6 members Latest Activity: Apr 1

    We are a group that is set of creating a safe haven for those individuals with alternative, or odd beliefs. We welcome those who show no signs of…

  • The Illuminati & Agenda 21

    95 members Latest Activity: 14 hours ago

    For century's there has been a small elite class of people that have controlled the world population They are the money men that backed the King,…

  • Witches Village ☽☮☾

    9 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2013

  • Girl Talk

    7 members Latest Activity: Feb 2, 2014

    For girls (and guys) To come in and talk about anything! Rant, vent, and all of the other stuff you can't put on other groups! Ask for advice…

  • United Pagan Village

    8 members Latest Activity: Aug 5, 2013

    This group is for anyone involved in discussing, planning, or taking part in an all Pagan village.

  • reno nv pagans

    9 members Latest Activity: Apr 21 a group for pagans in the reno area..

  • Freedom to Learn

    143 members Latest Activity: 7 seconds ago

    This group is a place where everyone is free to learn about different religions/spirituality's and the basic human condition.

    Here is a…

  • Mottled Witches

    32 members Latest Activity: 3 hours ago

    Whatever your `version` of Witchcraft, whatever others `colour ` it to be in their perception, feel free to post here about whatevers on your mind…

  • Rose & Ivy*

    6 members Latest Activity: Feb 1

    Stay blessed... 

    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest…

  • Conspiracy's And the New World Order

    386 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    WARNING! The knowledge one may acquire by reading this material may prove dangerous to authoritarians as well as the user who is unaccustomed…

  • Temple Of Chaos Magic

    150 members Latest Activity: on Monday Just a Gathering of Chaos Mages, and beginners, which wish to enrich their knowledge and beyond..

  • Black Moon Nocturnal Community

    115 members Latest Activity: 13 hours ago

    We are an Eclectic, Pagan, and Occult Community with our foundation in the Old ways, and in the Gray/ Shadow path,while embracing some of the…

  • Huntington Asatru/Pagan Meet-Up

    4 members Latest Activity: Feb 18

    This is a group on PaganSpace for the Huntington Asatru/Pagan Meet-Up. We have monthly meetings to improve our networking and community in the…

  • Bluemoonshine Ranch

    1 member Latest Activity: Sep 30, 2014

    Rough dry summer camp, We have portable temporary yurts, out door kitchens, lots of space and privacy. heavy lean to pagan, and being in…

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