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  • The Graveyard

    451 members Latest Activity: 19 hours ago

    All Things Of The Occult, Supernatural, Mysterious and even Interesting 

  • Garden of Healing Herbs

    2226 members Latest Activity: 2 hours ago

    A Place to find the History, Uses, Side Effects, Habitat and Cultivation of Herbs. We often ask for help with Herbal Remedies, but do we know all…

  • Bree & Friends!

    35 members Latest Activity: 24 minutes ago

    A place for my friends & I to chat, maybe compare notes. We might even learn a thing or two!  Who's up for it?? BREE

  • selfesteem and healing emotional wounds

    2 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    life skills

    healing room

    and building selfesteem

  • Conspiracy's And the New World Order

    330 members Latest Activity: 22 hours ago

    WARNING! The knowledge one may acquire by reading this material may prove dangerous to authoritarians as well as the user who is unaccustomed…


    29 members Latest Activity: 4 hours ago

    Love to help the earth and others accomplish their goals of reducing, reusing, refurbishing, and recycling?

    This is a group that aims to do…

  • Solitary Path

    50 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    For Solitaries

  • South Carolina Pagans & Witches

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct 21

    A place to gather, get to know one another, and just be yourself! Have fun sharing recipes, art, or anything about the craft you would…

  • ~Poet's Corner~

    16 members Latest Activity: 6 hours ago

    Poems , Poetry and everything in between. This is for any poetic writters who love the expressional outlet named poetry. This is an open group for…

  • Solitary Witch

    3366 members Latest Activity: yesterday A place for Solitaries to come together. If you are a Solitary Witch / Wiccan, this is your group! :)

  • Australian Pagans and Heathens

    127 members Latest Activity: 2 hours ago For the Australian practicioners of the occult. A place where those on PaganSpace who are from Australia can find other Aussies. Any path or…

  • All Things Dark and Deadly

    14 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    I am becoming an herbalist and I especially like the "dark herbs," the ones that kill. They are all around you. I think it is important to know…

  • Freedom to Learn

    76 members Latest Activity: 20 hours ago

    This group is a place where everyone is free to learn about different religions/spirituality's and the basic human condition.

    Here is a…

  • Daughters & Sons Of Hekate

    64 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    A Place of Wisdom, & Dark Moon Magic For all Women & Men whom worship Goddess Hekate,

    Join the Virtual Dark Moon…


    8 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    A place where "older" members of PAGAN SPACE can "welcome" the newest of members to the site. 

  • Delete Please

    3 members Latest Activity: Aug 20

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