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  • Dark Magic; Hexes & Curses

    365 members Latest Activity: 33 minutes ago

    Dark Magic, Hexes, Curses, Protection Spells, Spells of Banishings, Bindings, and Recipes for Oils,Powders, Poppets and much more.


  • Conspiracy's And the New World Order

    285 members Latest Activity: 11 hours ago

    WARNING! The knowledge one may acquire by reading this material may prove dangerous to authoritarians as well as the user who is unaccustomed to…

  • Crystal Magick

    296 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    This group is for those to discuss anything about stones and crystals. Properties, experiences, and anything else.

  • Freedom to Learn

    14 members Latest Activity: 13 minutes ago

    This group is a place where everyone is free to learn about different religions/spirituality's.

  • Bandanas!

    2 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    This group is for lovers and enthusiasts of the under-rated headgear: bandanas!

  • The Fellowship of Isis

    218 members Latest Activity: Mar 21 This list is for those who are already members of the Fellowship of ISIS. and those who are looking for a teacher and a group to join within the FOI

  • Plant-Yr-Yds

    8 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    For those of Celtic/Craft background

     Members by Invite only.

  • Free I Ching Readings

    203 members Latest Activity: 30 minutes ago

    The I Ching is the oracle of choice among Asian peoples, and was created 3,000 years ago in…

  • Poetry, Prose, Lyrics & Verse

    44 members Latest Activity: Apr 1 When the Muse speaks, listen. And Share.

  • The Witches of Yell

    5 members Latest Activity: Feb 16

    Is a series of hilarious novels aimed at the young teenager but may be enjoyed by all

    The action is very…

  • Girl Talk

    7 members Latest Activity: Feb 2

    For girls (and guys) To come in and talk about anything! Rant, vent, and all of the other stuff you can't put on other groups! Ask for advice…

  • United Pagan Village

    8 members Latest Activity: Aug 5, 2013

    This group is for anyone involved in discussing, planning, or taking part in an all Pagan village.

  • Astrology of PaganSpace

    582 members Latest Activity: yesterday Astrology with Predictive Configurations And The Moon At any given time, not only are there a large number of “situations” in which people will be…

  • Family Tradition Craft

    21 members Latest Activity: Mar 17 For those who were either born into the Old Religion, married into the Old Religion, Valid Apostolic Succession or would like to be.

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