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  • The Psychic World

    205 members Latest Activity: Oct 13 A place to discuss all things in the psychic world...

  • Pagans of New Jersey

    85 members Latest Activity: Dec 31, 2016 A place for any Pagans, witches, etc from NJ to get together

  • Pagan Musicians Exchange

    60 members Latest Activity: Jul 29 A Group for Pagan musicians/poets/songwriters to meet,collaborate,review gear,find a band or a member to jam with.

  • Alabama Pagans

    150 members Latest Activity: Aug 19 A place for Alabama Pagans to come and meet.

  • Georgia Pagans

    4 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

  • Aphrodite and Adonis

    2 members Latest Activity: Jun 29

    I will attempt to recreate the ancient cultus or religion of Aphrodite and Adonis. All of my writings for PaganSpace on this topic will be…

  • Wotanists Against Neo-Nazism

    3 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    The name Wotan is HIS name and it has power. His name has been used (I should say misused) by so-called Wotanists for a violent, racist, neo-Nazi…

  • Church of Asherah

    3 members Latest Activity: Sep 29

    We study the repression of the natural woman which occurred when the Canaanite mother goddess Asherah was replaced by the Virgin Mary, and we…

  • ChristoPaganism

    3 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    This is a group for anyone who is blending or mixing Paganism/Druidic/Wiccan or all three with Christianity. I have been for 4 years and am ready…

  • Exponential Magick

    3 members Latest Activity: Jul 27

    I am a Ritual Magician that is probably more Psychic than Magician. But I have spent many years accumulating knowledge through ritual…

  • Phychic reading from me

    10 members Latest Activity: Jul 27 Where you can come to me for answers to ur questions and more

  • Veigsidhe Karvgwenn

    2 members Latest Activity: Jun 22

    I'm Pictish Druid, I want to meet other Warlocks. 

  • Mandie's Magical Marketplace

    2 members Latest Activity: Mar 24, 2016

    I am a Medium and a Psychic. I do phone and in person readings. I own a brick and mortar store as well as a online store. I make a lot of my…

  • Rochester New York Pagans

    2 members Latest Activity: Jul 8

    My name is Miranda and I was looking into personally meeting a pagans in Rochester NY, I have a lot of…

  • The Great Wisconsin Northwoods!

    2 members Latest Activity: Aug 29, 2016

    Those of us who live up here know just how fortunate we are.  Those who know and love nature, are embraced by the spirit of the…

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