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  • The Art Of Ceremonial Magic

    8 members Latest Activity: Aug 8

    Discussion of traditional ceremonial magic. Practical application, and all topics related. Pagan, Druid, Hermeticism, Etc.

  • Paganism

    1 member Latest Activity: Oct 23, 2013

    This is a group made for Pagans to get together, make friends, discuss spells and techniques as well as other things.

  • Naples Area Pagan and Spiritual Group

    7 members Latest Activity: Feb 10, 2016

    This group is a safe and open-minded place for pagans and spiritual individuals to get together in the Naples area. As well as having online…

  • Divine Trickster's harem

    3 members Latest Activity: Aug 6, 2013


    Must be loyal and obedient to the Master

    Ladies only and feminine men gay or not, and drag queens only. Men may or may not…

  • Healing - Energy work

    54 members Latest Activity: Oct 13

    A group about energy work.  How to heal using energy, using you aura for balance and shielding.  Shakra healing and more

  • The Pagan Hearth and Garden

    1 member Latest Activity: Jun 6, 2013

    Here at The Pagan Hearth and Garden we welcome all who follow the Pagan…

  • cblphs family

    1 member Latest Activity: May 8, 2013

    for my sons and duaghters and anything solomon jacobson  cblphsdrkwsdblallmyalalnns,  must be my friend or my child to join!!!!!


  • Brythonic Paganism

    1 member Latest Activity: Apr 26, 2013

    This is a group dedicated to the Brythonic Polytheistic paths and gods. All are welcome, however! I'll answer questions as best I can, and I hope…

  • The Triple Goddess

    11 members Latest Activity: Apr 4, 2013

    This is a group to honour the Divine Feminine in all of Her many aspects, as Maiden, Mother and Crone.

  • The Bookworm

    145 members Latest Activity: Oct 13

    Online library with links to lots of online books to read

  • Witches of Texas

    24 members Latest Activity: Oct 10

    Witches of Texas is a group for Witches in the Dallas/FortWorth area.

    Meet other Witches from your area.

    Find Spells,Recipes, and…

  • Of Serpents & Snakes

    8 members Latest Activity: Sep 12, 2014

    A place for all of us who speak in tongue or worship a serpent to come and chat discuss and feel at home

  • Spellbooks and Rituals

    98 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    A place to share and learn Everything about Rituals, Spells and Magic.

  • Conscious Psi Experiences Group

    5 members Latest Activity: Oct 11

    • I believe religion is just the context for explaining Psi phenomenon and laying out the cultural rules for using it.
    • I believe Psi…

  • Edmonton and Area Pagans

    1 member Latest Activity: Feb 9, 2013

    A Group for Pagans in the Edmonton and surrounding areas. Any path, age and gender is welcome.

  • Witchy Bloggers

    7 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday A group dedicated to witches with blogs on PaganSpace.

  • The Motley Crew

    17 members Latest Activity: Jun 23, 2012 Private Group. Membership by invitation only.

  • The Universial Order of Gaia

    6 members Latest Activity: May 25, 2013 PLEASE ONLY JOIN IF YOU CAN COME TO THE MEETINGS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO. Welcoming to any Pagan tradition. We are all one. Our purpose is to…

  • Wyoming Pagans

    26 members Latest Activity: Aug 18 Pagans from all over Wyoming unite! Used to live here? Thinking about moving here? Be assured that there is people here to support Pagans like you.

  • Totem Protection

    46 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday This is a group for all who are interested in totem power, welcome to a place for animal/ totem magic.

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