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Lynn Kaufman's Groups (28)

  • Circle of the Serpent

    14 members Latest Activity: Mar 31

    Circle of the Serpent is a group dedicated, and focused on the Dark Goddess, her many faces, aspects, magick as well as empowerment as women.

  • group Closed

    45 members Latest Activity: Jun 9

  • The Bookworm

    150 members Latest Activity: May 7

    Online library with links to lots of online books to read

  • Seeking a Coven Family

    148 members Latest Activity: Feb 20 This group is for those who are looking for a coven, grove or other Pagan group, as well as for those groups who are open to students or members.

  • Covens of Indiana

    52 members Latest Activity: May 19 witches in Indiana looking to start a coven or that would like to join one. For those of you that would like to practice magic with other witches.

  • Sisters of the Dark Moon

    14 members Latest Activity: Jun 24

    This group is for pagans no matter what the tradtion and belief. We want to set up for all beliefs to come together and socialize

  • Spells, rites, rituals and ceremonies.

    222 members Latest Activity: Jan 31 A site to share your knowledge and ideas and to help others that have trouble writing their own.

  • The Pagan Cookbook

    537 members Latest Activity: 14 hours ago A group to share our recipes from all over the world...

  • Hecate's Gate

    492 members Latest Activity: Jan 20 A group for follower's of Hecate. Discussions around rituals, mythology, other interesting information.

  • The Morrigan

    269 members Latest Activity: Mar 29 This is a group dedicated to the Morrigan and is open to all her followers and those just interested in her.

  • The Fairy Circle

    55 members Latest Activity: Sep 1, 2018 If you work with the Fae, or are just interested in learning more about these wonderful spirits, then come and join me. We talk about everything that…

  • Nocturnal Witchcraft

    803 members Latest Activity: Jun 29 A group for the Dark minded people to share with others of the like about Nocturnal Witchcraft. This group is based on Nocturnal…

  • Witches of The World Coven

    1739 members Latest Activity: Apr 1 The Coven Group Page for Witches of The World

  • Garden of Healing Herbs

    2382 members Latest Activity: Jul 12

    A Place to find the History, Uses, Side Effects, Habitat and Cultivation of Herbs. We often ask for help with Herbal Remedies, but do we know all…

  • Spells and spellbound

    1463 members Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2018 A place to share spells, candle magick, stone magick, rites, anything for the spellbound!!

  • Crystal Magic

    742 members Latest Activity: Feb 15 This group will deal with monthly projects to help us understand the use in crystal healing and working with the minneral kingdom.

  • Spellbooks and Rituals

    100 members Latest Activity: Sep 1, 2018

    A place to share and learn Everything about Rituals, Spells and Magic.

  • Morrigu's Daughters

    56 members Latest Activity: Mar 29

    We are an online coven of sisters dedicated to the Goddess Morrigan.

  • Hecates Cave

    53 members Latest Activity: Apr 13, 2018 For those interested in and serious about the Goddess Hecate,come let us share and dicuss and honor Her.. for now this cave is open to all as it is…

  • Traditional Witchcraft

    271 members Latest Activity: Mar 13 This group is for those that practice Traditional Witchcraft and not Wicca. We discuss spells, rituals, Sabbaths, and other things for those that…

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