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Buckley J Henry's Groups (42)

  • Draconic Paganism

    17 members Latest Activity: Apr 30, 2018

    Draconic Paganism is a growing practice that involves working with dragons in your magickal practice and life. This group has been created for…

  • Vampyrian TempleUVUP

    23 members Latest Activity: Mar 23

  • A Vanic Path

    42 members Latest Activity: Aug 25, 2017 A meeting place for those of us who are true to the Vanir Gods and wish to discuss any and all things related to it literal or subjective.…

  • Of Serpents & Snakes

    7 members Latest Activity: Aug 22, 2018

    A place for all of us who speak in tongue or worship a serpent to come and chat discuss and feel at home

  • LED Candle Magick

    15 members Latest Activity: Mar 4, 2018

    Some Pagans use real candles. Some Pagans like me, who can't leave a candle burning, but would like to have candles on their altars, use the LED…

  • Solitary Path

    85 members Latest Activity: Aug 24, 2018

    For Solitaries

  • Solitary Witch

    3461 members Latest Activity: Mar 20 A place for Solitaries to come together. If you are a Solitary Witch / Wiccan, this is your group! :)

  • The Morrigan

    269 members Latest Activity: Mar 29 This is a group dedicated to the Morrigan and is open to all her followers and those just interested in her.

  • Dark Magick; Hexes & Curses

    465 members Latest Activity: Sep 14, 2018

    Dark Magick, Hexes, Curses, Protection Spells, Spells of Banishings, Bindings, and Recipes for Oils,Powders, Poppets and much…

  • ASTra

    40 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2017 The Allee Shadow Tradition is a dynamic organization in a society that resists change. What we are, what we have been and what we shall always be are…

  • Occupy Pagan Space

    167 members Latest Activity: Sep 29, 2016

    We are the 99%.  This group is for all who peacefully support this movement and desire to network, share, and learn more.

  • Empaths of Pagan Space

    1150 members Latest Activity: Jan 6, 2017

    A place for Empaths to share their experiences and feelings. Lessons, research, exercises for balancing emotions and other…

  • Seax Wica

    21 members Latest Activity: Jan 16

    Seax Wica is a tradition of Wicca that was founded in 1973 by…

  • The Internet Corner

    19 members Latest Activity: Jun 28, 2017

    You and your PC, and the internet.

    I have rebirthed an old group with new purpose as I see need for this, I also welcome all Comp geeks to…

  • Pen Pagans

    286 members Latest Activity: Apr 12 For anyone who wants to have someone to write to the old-fashioned way. Birthdays, friends, cards, holidays, letters, etc. Open to any Pagan, female…

  • 2012 Awareness

    442 members Latest Activity: Jun 28, 2017

    There are a variety of popular beliefs about the year 2012. These beliefs range from the spiritually transformative to the apocalyptic, and center…

  • Paranormal for Pagans

    139 members Latest Activity: Jun 28, 2017 The Christians have dominated the world of the paranormal for far too long. It is high time we Pagans got a foothold in this world. With this group…

  • WADV-Witches Against Domestic Violence

    46 members Latest Activity: Feb 19, 2016

    Witches Against Domestic Violence, support, infomative,.It is times as Women and men  we heal and stand up to any abuse, and be an example to…

  • Astrology of PaganSpace

    617 members Latest Activity: Apr 4 Astrology with Predictive Configurations And The Moon At any given time, not only are there a large number of “situations” in which people will be…

  • Pagans of Oregon and the NW

    192 members Latest Activity: Jan 15, 2017 Greetings from one of the most beautiful states in the union. If your heart has become lost in this place of most wonderous green, come and join the…

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