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  • Occupy Pagan Space

    167 members Latest Activity: Sep 29, 2016

    We are the 99%.  This group is for all who peacefully support this movement and desire to network, share, and learn more.

  • Norse Goddess Hel

    83 members Latest Activity: Dec 14, 2017 This group is for those that worship Hel, follow her, or wish to learn more about her. Hel is the daughter of Loki and the goddess of the Underworld.

  • The Emerald Oracle III

    57 members Latest Activity: Apr 29, 2017

    This oracle consists of an unprecedented 1039 units of information, as opposed to 78 for the tarot.  The information units are stored online…

  • Ocean Meditation

    77 members Latest Activity: Apr 29, 2017

    My purpose is to share with you the technique of Ocean Meditation, and in this way enable you to make some deep-seated, transformative changes in…

  • Egyptian Paganism

    42 members Latest Activity: Nov 10, 2017

    I've decided to change the name to Egyptian Paganism so that all that worship the gods, no matter who you are, can come and feel welcome,…

  • Temple to the Gods of Egypt

    42 members Latest Activity: Jun 26, 2017 This is the first cyber temple for those that follow the Gods of Egypt, who walk their path, and sing their praises. Welcome to the temple to the…

  • Traditional Witch

    94 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday This is a group for Traditional (non wiccan) Witches. We are neither light nor dark, we do what needs to be done when it needs to be done for…

  • Hindu Wiccans and Pagans

    62 members Latest Activity: Jul 23, 2017 Wicca has come to India and communities are forming. This group is to honor and celebrate that happening and for those that practice to meet, gather,…

  • Pagan Skeptics

    21 members Latest Activity: Jun 28, 2017 Self Explanatory

  • Hellz Ugliest Truth

    21 members Latest Activity: Feb 27, 2014 Hellz Ugliest truth, Move over Dear Abby, there is a New Witch in town... Bring your questions, ask advice, beware, you will get the Hellz Ugliest…

  • National Sarcasm Society

    55 members Latest Activity: Jul 9, 2015 Let's see how sarcastic you can be! Ready set go!

  • A New Beginning, Starting over.

    80 members Latest Activity: Mar 7 This group is for people who have gone through a lot of changes in their life and for those who have to start over from the beginning, for those who…

  • Poetry International

    132 members Latest Activity: Apr 1

  • Remembering Our Pets

    63 members Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2017 This group was designed in remembering our beloved pets. Animals can do so much for us in our lives and are always there to comfort us when times…

  • Empathic Tendencies

    859 members Latest Activity: Apr 12 Eeeeek. Being an empath is rewarding, challenging and exhausting all at the same time. Here is a place to recharge, relate and reap the benefits of…

  • Demons/Daemons/Daimons

    241 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2017 This is a group who are interested in discussing the 3Ds: Demons/Daemons/Daimons


    174 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2017 PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY DON'T YOU THINK????

  • Fit As A Witch

    631 members Latest Activity: Mar 21 Greetings my friends! Fit as a Witch was started by me some time ago with notion of having a place to gather for information sharing about health,…

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