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  • Artificial Intelligence in the New Age

    20 members Latest Activity: Jun 11

    This group is to share, discuss, and learn about the fast growth in artificial intelligence and its impact on human life, the planet, and…

  • Climate Chaos

    13 members Latest Activity: Dec 18, 2018

    Climate Chaos is a group to monitor the weather events and changes. Global warming or the beginning of an ice age? Man-made climate chaos or…

  • Black Moon Nocturnal Community

    149 members Latest Activity: Jan 24

    We are an Eclectic, Pagan, and Occult Community with our foundation in the Old ways, and in the Gray/ Shadow path,while embracing some of the…

  • Halloween Rules

    208 members Latest Activity: Mar 7 Halloween is the best time of the year. If you love Halloween as much a we do, come join our group.

  • Hokus Pokus

    53 members Latest Activity: Nov 7, 2017

  • Life After Death (The Afterlife)

    31 members Latest Activity: Jun 30, 2017

    Hello everyone! This group was created in order to open the discussion among pagans about Life After Death. It is a subject that is often avoided,…

  • All Things Dark and Deadly

    53 members Latest Activity: Sep 9, 2018

    I am becoming an herbalist and I especially like the "dark herbs," the ones that kill. They are all around you. I think it is important to know…

  • For Skyclad Witches, Pagans and Naturists From All Paths!

    661 members Latest Activity: Jun 2

    A magickal, spiritual, and earthy group for wild witches, free spirits, and lovers of nature who practice their rites and beliefs naked, honoring…

  • The Morrigan

    269 members Latest Activity: Mar 29 This is a group dedicated to the Morrigan and is open to all her followers and those just interested in her.

  • Freedom to Learn

    154 members Latest Activity: Apr 18

    This group is a place where everyone is free to learn about different religions/spirituality's and the basic human condition.

    Here is a…

  • Pagans with Disabilities

    101 members Latest Activity: Feb 6


    243 members Latest Activity: Oct 11, 2018 Would like to have discussions re past life experiences, regressions, de ja vu, talents brought through from past lives etc. Any special meditations…

  • Professional Dream Analysis

    431 members Latest Activity: Mar 10, 2018

    Dreams are the most important messages we ever receive. Without exception, dreams are emanations of the most enlightened layer of our lives, and…

  • Ohio Community

    53 members Latest Activity: Apr 23

    Welcome, this site is for those from the great state of Ohio. Please follow all forum rules as stated in the Pagan Space guidelines.

  • The Death Goddess (La Santa Muerte)

    37 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    La Santa Muerte , also known as "St. Death" . how ever the catholic church does not recognize her as a saint; i see her as the dark side of the…

  • Garden of Healing Herbs

    2382 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    A Place to find the History, Uses, Side Effects, Habitat and Cultivation of Herbs. We often ask for help with Herbal Remedies, but do we know all…

  • Satanists of PS

    229 members Latest Activity: Apr 22

    "Satan is the poetry of the world...And Nature is its Church" -…

  • The Second Amendment

    16 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2017 For all the pro gun pagans out there! Why not?

    NOTE: Group photo is a picture of my 1939 Mosin Nagant rifle

  • Smart Asses of paganspace

    581 members Latest Activity: Jun 9

    A place for those with wit and a sense of humor. You can be as silly or sarcastic as you like. Here we celibrate the jester in us all. Come on in,…

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