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Norse/Ned's Groups (64)

  • Magickal Familiars and their Powers 2

    92 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2017 Extension of other Magickal Familiars group on other network. This group delves into all aspects of magickal familiars, and their uses in magick.

  • Beltaine/May Day

    132 members Latest Activity: Apr 5 A group to share Links, information, and ideas pertaining to Beltaine/May Day. Including decorating, crafts, recipes, traditions, rituals, spells,…

  • Animal spirit guides,and guides

    674 members Latest Activity: 2 hours ago Please feel free to tell me all about your guides and how you communicate with them..How did you first get to see them,know this was your guide,speak…

  • Pagans In Pain

    215 members Latest Activity: Jun 28, 2017 This group is designed for those with chronic pain issues- Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,and any other condition that relates. This is…

  • A Hearth Open To All

    85 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2017 Although a hearth would traditionally be open to just those on a heathen/Northern Tradition, please feel free to come in, take a seat, eat and be…

  • Herbs associated to the Gods and Goddesses in Mythology

    61 members Latest Activity: Nov 28, 2017 This group is for those who use a lot of herbs for casting spells and general use. You perhaps might like to know which God or Goddess they are…

  • Adventures in Shamanism 8

    34 members Latest Activity: Jul 14, 2017 Extension of other Adventures in Shamanism groups on other networks. We will discuss shamanism in all its forms.

  • Circe's Lair

    82 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2017 The Art of Witchcraft ... for many of us .. this is our chosen art form ... This is a forum to discuss the mediums we use in expressing our art.

  • Abbott's Inn Nordic Rune Corner 4

    32 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2017 Extension of other Nordic Rune Corner groups. No Nazis allowed. We will explore the runes on both their theoretical and practical levels.

  • Ragnaroc

    157 members Latest Activity: Jan 21

    This hall is another home for all my friends and family, and all those who are yet to become a member here and share magic, mystery and knowledge.…

  • Virginia Pagan Network

    210 members Latest Activity: Jan 10

    A place for Virginia Pagans to come together. 

  • Alternative Northern Paths

    213 members Latest Activity: Jan 30

    Welcome, this is a place to discuss all aspects of Norse, Germanic, Slavic or other northern faiths and practices, including Seid, Shamanism, or…

  • Dreaming out loud

    61 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2017 A group to talk about your dreams and interpretations... and learn from each others experiences in the realm of dreams dedicated to all thos who know…

  • Gallery of Expression Through Art

    90 members Latest Activity: Jun 14, 2018 This is a place where you are encourage to post your in a can ask for feedback or if rather not just show the beauty you…

  • The Southern United States

    377 members Latest Activity: 3 hours ago This group is for people who live in Ga, NC, SC, TN, LA, MS, AL, FL VA, TX basically anywhere is the Southern United States.. Please share upcoming…

  • Tree Talkers

    236 members Latest Activity: Dec 2, 2018 Don't be shy, this group is for people that have a connection and talk with trees. You know who you are, so come out of hiding. Share your wisdom…

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