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Rev JP Vanir's Groups (96)

  • ADHD

    21 members Latest Activity: Feb 13

  • Felis

    16 members Latest Activity: Nov 9, 2017 For those drawn to our feline brothers and sisters.

  • Liberal Pagans

    19 members Latest Activity: Jan 20, 2016 There have got to be some out there who are willing to stand up to the current (U.S.) Right-wing machine.  Democrats, Independents, and free-thinking…

  • LGBT Pagans

    34 members Latest Activity: Jun 26, 2017 This is a group for LGBT pagans to come together and socialise.

  • Goddess Worshipers of the World

    88 members Latest Activity: Apr 28, 2018

    Welcome Dianics, Deanists, Goddessians, Shaktas, and all other Goddess Worshipers!

    Goddess Worshipers of the World is a group for…

  • Saving Mother Earth

    40 members Latest Activity: Jun 26, 2017

    A group for those who want to save our Mother and all Her children, human and animal

  • Egyptian Wiccas

    39 members Latest Activity: Aug 22, 2018

    Any wiccans, new and old, who love the culture, gods and goddesses of Egypt.

  • Vegan & Vegetarian Life

    11 members Latest Activity: Mar 7

    A place for Vegans and Vegetarians (or those interested) to come hang out, share recipes, ask questions and more!

  • Our Earth Mother

    41 members Latest Activity: Apr 21, 2018 Revering mother earth and all her creatures.  Discussing what we can do to help the environment, earth healing, and earth magick.

  • Spirit Animals

    116 members Latest Activity: Apr 1 If you believe or have a spirit animal and would like to discus them here is the place.

  • Black Moon Nocturnal Community

    149 members Latest Activity: Jan 24

    We are an Eclectic, Pagan, and Occult Community with our foundation in the Old ways, and in the Gray/ Shadow path,while embracing some of the…

  • Lady Hekate's Themes and Graphics

    80 members Latest Activity: Apr 13, 2018

    Need a Theme come and brows.I am also creating tags as well of my own.

    I also  in pages have some good graphics and tags  from various good…

  • PaganSpace Help & How-To Group

    71 members Latest Activity: 6 hours ago

    This group is here to help answer basic questions relating to PaganSpace and it's many features.

    Prior to submitting an issue report you…

  • Cryptozoology

    23 members Latest Activity: Jun 26, 2017

    For those of us who find cryptids like Nessie, Bigfoot and Mothman to be interesting. Even if you don't believe half of them (or any of them!)…

  • Tea Drinkers Society

    28 members Latest Activity: Feb 26, 2018

    For people who love tea

  • The Divine Feminine

    15 members Latest Activity: Apr 9

    The Goddess can be seen as the symbol, the normative image of immanence. She represents the divine embodied in nature, in human beings, in…

  • Free E books

    56 members Latest Activity: Nov 7, 2017

    Links for Free E Books..

    You will find many more at…

  • I Love Vampires

    62 members Latest Activity: May 31, 2018 Vampire Lovers come join this awesome group dedicated everything vampire!

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