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Freedom to Learn

This group is a place where everyone is free to learn about different religions/spirituality's and the basic human condition.

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Spirit dolls, poppets, vodoo dolls, baby dolls.

Started by Kixs. Last reply by Kixs yesterday. 23 Replies

So what's your opinion of spirit doll magic? Good, bad or ugly?Continue

Tags: poppets, vodoo, dolls, Spirit

Seidr & Shamanism

Started by KuRSe. Last reply by Shawn Blackwolf on Monday. 8 Replies

Hi Friends! It's been a while and I miss you guys :)I've been rather lazy spiritually lately. I'm not proud of it, but I can't seem to pull myself out of the rut I'm in.I've been considering adding…Continue


Started by Kixs. Last reply by Kixs on Monday. 10 Replies

Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism have differing ideas about how karma works and its effect on one's existence in subsequent lives. Hindus believe the soul is trapped in a circle of birth and…Continue

Tags: Karma

What lead you to paganism?

Started by Kixs. Last reply by Kixs on Saturday. 8 Replies

So what brought you to the

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Comment by Raven Heart yesterday

Oh yeah...the truth be spoken! I am also with Tarot....I learned Angel Tarot...when I invoke the Angels I do get a response but otherwise need to see more in interpretations...sometimes I juss hafta wing it!

Comment by Dragon Lady Bree yesterday

Comment by Kixs on Monday

Hey Raven Heart, sounds as if you need a few moments to relax.
I personally am working on my Tarot meaning and interpretations. As in getting others opinions as to how they see each card.
Knowledge is power right? 

Comment by Raven Heart on Sunday

Relaxing big time now...juss got done with 10 months of know, Priest & Priestess stuff...I really liked it though! Blessings everyone!

Comment by Raven Heart on Saturday

*there's no right answer...good to know!

Comment by Shawn Blackwolf on Friday

Good to hear the rule...

A *golden one* , with a *silver star* for being "good" ?

I remember school daze...;)

Comment by Kixs on Friday

Welcome to the new members and Hello to all the old friends. Missed y'all and happy to meet new friends.
Discussions are more than welcome okay begged for by me.
I can only come up with so many subjects already so please help.  
Oh yeah there are a few rules like one actually.
Everyone has a different opinion that doesn't mean it's wrong.

Comment by Lotus)0( on Friday

Morning All

Have a great Friday!


Comment by Raven Heart on Friday

Hey thanks for the re-invite...I'm still studying degrees bec-ause some of mines are pagan & I want all three in wicca...mostly book-work so I don't hafta write any blessed be's again!

Comment by Amethyst Samia on Friday
The Prodigal Witch has returned! Haha! Hey Kixs what's up? I'm bored of FB as well. I was bored of that the first day I joined. Couple of friends keep me there so I can stay in touch but that's about it.

Welcome Raven Heart! The end of learning? There is NEVER an end to learning! Except for those who think they know everything. And since they know everything, how can they learn any more? Haha! Never stop learning. It's a beautiful thing. And just keep in mind that just because it's on the interest doesn't mean it's true. That's what I hate about FB. Well part of it.

Hi GreyBeard. How are you. Trying to generate some interest in the skyclad groups and in the garden of healing herbs. Both of those are good groups. I've adminned so many of them here I can't remember all of them. Hahahaha! Oh well...another long lost from the resident insomniac which. Need to go looking for Kixs. We keep the same hours! Lmao!

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