• New to the world of pagan, searching for my path...

    Hello all! Coming to you from Asheville, NC. I have been on a spiritual journey so to speak for quite some time. I wasn't raised a certain religion so I was lucky in a sense to be allowed to seek my path on my own but it came with much confusion.I originally sought out Buddhism and Taoism but I…

    By Safay

  • Lilith and her stories

    So I have gotten back into the habit of looking up older folklore and Lilith came to mind, I find her interesting both because of her being mentioned in songs from various paths and practices and her being so closely tied to witchcraft. I have of course gotten some conflicting information on her…

    By Will Hoyt

  • We can't be wrong, we can't be right!

    What is right and what is wrong?This question is really stupid, cause there is no wrong or right. There is only good or evil. If you are good, then it is something inside of you, just as with evil.The only thing is, that good people want to be good, even if it hurts them. My problem is, that I…

    By Midrash

  • Just Because I Age Does Not Mean I Fade Away

    I Have Reached 63 In This Body , But It Does Not Mean I Can't Make A Move ! ( Always Remember This In Your Future ! )**********************But When It Is My Time To Cross OverI Still Will Not Just Fade Away*

    By Shawn Blackwolf

  • if you practice magick, have you ever asked yourself why?

         I love to practice magick but today, I was thinking about it and I thought, why do I do it? Well... it's fun to a certain degree but also useful in my life.I could go on but I'll stop right here and see what others say.

    By Mary Sullins

  • What deities do you work with?

    Hello everyone! I'm kind of new here and curious about what deities people on here work with, and I wouldn't mind seeing if we work with the same deity. I actually feel a strong connection to Epona, so she has been the one that I've been working with lately.

    By Titania

  • Girl, 19, who narrated the horrifying beating and torture of a disabled man on Facebook Live AVOIDS JAIL in case that shocked the nation

    NOW This just pisses me of, is she special.  This is scary our society. Real human beings beating a disabled man real big tuff BSGirl, 19, who narrated the horrifying beating and torture of a disabled man on Facebook Live AVOIDS JAIL in case that shocked the nationBrittany Covington, 19, was…

    By Lάđŷ Şħάđoψ☽☮☾

  • Was the Path you choose a curiosity that you stuck with, or a revelation?

    This has been on my mind for a while now as my path was sort of reveal to me but it was also a curiousty I had too.See, I am suffering from depression and the day I began on this path had been particularly hard, so hard, I was considering the worst and through the thickness of all those dark clouds…

    By Rowan Soothsayer

  • Findlay Ohio Region

    Hi everyone, My name is David(Dave, or Davey) I am a recently admitted Eclectic Witch. I grew up in Utah, which as some of you may know, is the Mormon capital of the world. Growing up I was told that "witchcraft" was one of the worst sins you could commit. So I was always afraid of admitting my…

    By Vladik Devilwinde (Davey)

  • ghost traps?

        I read somewhere about making a "ghost trap " out of dirt and a a few other things. It's supposed to keep ghosts from entering your home? I can't for the life of me remember where I read it.

    By Mary Sullins