• Under doctors care

    I am in a lot of physical pain and am under a doctors care. There are more tests that need to be done. This has nothing to do with my room mate. The current medication according to my own research says it can take 2 months before i get relief. It hasnt been a month yet since i started but other…

    By Katey

  • Removing Curses

    Good to be back here after a few months away.I wondered if anyone  has the kindness and  time to describe the best way they found to remove a curse that had been put on them by someone they knew well. I am very interested to hear the method you used and the results.Any form of magick,…

    By rhian

  • The Goddess Hel

    I don't exactly "worship" any deities, but rather see them as friends and guides and sometimes warnings of what to come. There is many resources I could find about just about any Norse deity in terms of worshipping them and what they do and do not like.But one in particular I have a hard time…

    By Phoenix Eira Mace

  • How was your St. Patricks Day ?

    By Consuelo Figueroa

  • light reflection question

    I have been thinking about something for a very long time now the kind of idea that pops in your head every so often that you do not know whether or not you could do it but the idea intrigues you enough that you keep coming back to the idea later wondering about whether or not its possible.so here…

    By Adam Anderson

  • Goth Over 40

    Hello all and Happy Spring!I wanted to share that there is more discussion and participation in our group, Goth Over 40, than ever before!We are finding ways to enjoy our Goth natures in the best times of our lives. We are priming for the second half of life with full force. If you are so inclined…

    By Kristi V

  • Happy Pagan New Year!

    Don't buy his stuff. Just Something fun to watch.

    By Consuelo Figueroa

  • Greetings from an American Brother Who Also Walks Sep Paths

    I increased font size for those such as myself - old ( ER, not dead ;-) )  LOL. I also use The Queens and American English diff..it is enjoyable, confusing, and just to be somewhat Ornery too......alongside those 2...I rather have a very strange sense of humor, and at no time does any of that mean…

    By Ronald Dale Caple

  • Message From The Sirian Council & Fairies Via Galaxygirl And 2 More Good Ones

    Message From The Sirian Council & Fairies Via Galaxygirl ... And ... Soul Harmonization - Celestial & Crystal Children ... And ... Be Aware Of The Amazing Lights That You Are !Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance To All of You,Steve…

    By Steven Hutchinson

  • Profound Forgiveness - A Gift Of Divine Grace By Patricia Cota-Robles

    Profound Forgiveness - A Gift Of Divine Grace By Patricia Cota-RoblesPatricia Cota-Robles gives us a powerful invocation so we can all help anchor the Violet Flame of Forgiveness within us and on the earth. Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light Peace, Joy, & Forgiveness to All of You, Steve

    By Steven Hutchinson