• Hypothetical Scenario...

    What would happen to the world in the event that the actual existence of the gods and worlds and creatures from ancient times were somehow undeniably revealed to the masses? What do you think the political, cultural, and academic reactions/ramifications would be?

    By Draco Astreus

  • Becoming a Vagabond Pagan...

    So after a dream and a series of contemplations and serious considerations, I've decided to leave my humble studio apartment behind and hit the street. My experiences of being without home in the past are mixed but they have always turned out more adventurous and very meaningful. Beyond this, I…

    By Draco Astreus

  • "Reclaiming" Heathenism from racists (etc)

    I made a blog about two months ago on the many problems of racists and the like that permeate the vast reaches of Heathenism. I need to note here, as I did in my blog, that I am…

    By Xuchilbara

  • It Goes Both Ways And Hate Breeds Hate

    This is a very recent example of what is happeningsince Trump became president...a divided nation...Not a United States , nor a state of affairs I endorse...…

    By Shawn Blackwolf

  • Universe Mechanics

    So, I wish to state firstly that I come from a perspective which hovers above what I would consider to be the common approaches to metaphysics and spirituality on Earth. I try to step behind the specific rituals and myths encompassed by any particular culture or practice. From the vantage point…

    By Draco Astreus

  • On Many Sides

    It's amazing how leftists have a hard time remembering the terror that is Antifa, that has harmed many innocent civilians by minimizing their terror.  Believe it or not. You could condemn Hitler, Stalin, and Kim. All at once.  I'll remind you of the terror that is Antifa.Here is them marching down…

    By Fiona

  • Ask a Hindu (Shakta)

    So, when I left, my discussions went with me xD But now that I am back, I'm breathing life into a new one. I'm a Hindu, formally a Shaiva, but now dabbling more into Shaktism. I still love Shiva, though.SO ask away. I'll try to answer as best I can. I can't promise that I have all the answers, but…

    By Gaudior

  • Making your own amulets etc.

    I'm thinking of getting some copper or zinc or steel disk to make a medallion (1-2 inches wide, I think), obviously I'll have to get the symbol carved into it, but that's not the question.The question is - Where can I get a proper blank for the medallion? I found some blanks on aliexpress, but…

    By Corbul

  • What is your occupation?

    I'm interested to see where us pagans and heathens and witches are hiding in plain sight (or not hiding, huzzah to you!) Since we can't all get paid to hover over bubbling cauldrons or turn cheating spouses into frogs, what is your occupation? I'll start:I am a preschool teacher at a Jewish…

    By ShugahBob

  • Need a primer on the Norse gods

    OK, out of the bright blue, I became obsessed with an image of a raven found in Oland, Sweden in the 7th century ce thereabouts.Archaeologists assume it's a homage to the ravens of Odin.I read a bit on the ravens, and started to read some of the stories of the ancient Norse religion.I decided to…

    By Aurelia Pontia