• "I Choose Not to Be Offended (And You Should, Too)"

    This essay appeared in yesterday's edition of The Boston Globe.  I contacted the author (Jeff Jacoby) this morning, and it is with his kind permission that I am posting his essay here in its entirety. I can't say that I always live up to these words, but I think I'm going to try a little harder. …

    By Nephele, Mistress of Names

  • What song do have on your mind right now?

    What song are you listening to or can think of off the top of your head?

    By Lord Foul

  • Emotions and their energies

    So I've recently noticed that I have some views on emotions that seem to be pretty different from a lot of other people, and I'm curious what other people's thoughts on the matter are.A bit of background, I've had a hard life. Without getting into the intimate details, I've endured a lot of abuse…

    By Laura

  • Pagan people and money!

    Oh boy, money!(Is the expression "Oh boy!" still acceptable; given it shows bias in a non-binary gender restricted.....ah fudge it - that's for another day; probably in another forum)Not everybody loves money, but nearly everyone uses it, and if you use it then you need it.With the absolute…

    By Vegan

  • What's For Dinner ?

    Or Breakfast , Lunch ?Just what are you consuming ?Last night for me , it was yellow , red , and green bell peppers ,sauteed with broccoli , red onions , and tempeh , over rice ,with grilled salmon...Tonight , it is five cheese pizza : mozzarella , parmesan , asiago ,romano , and ricotta cheeses ,…

    By Shawn Blackwolf

  • Hello

    I have neglected to introduce myself upon joining but hello! I'm Middle, I've been entraced by the craft for a while now and I'm still finding my own path in it as well. I'd love to make new friends and just have new brains to pick I'm very egar to grow and learn from all my new friends. However…

    By Middie

  • Believing, allegory or literal?

    The things that people believe.Those thoughts that form the body of esoteric practice, the construct that personalizes ritual and observances - are these beliefs literal or formed out of neurotransmitter mysteries (Oh Mike Tyson, we need you to solve another one!); clues in word crafting and…

    By Vegan

  • Pagan approach to semantics

    Semantics, a navigation of the ever twisting river of words; turned out with evolved understanding.Languages depend upon actual meaning to reach that fine and wonderful stylistic way in which we conjure the things we desire.From the mundane to spectral.How do we negotiate understanding intention…

    By Vegan

  • Pagan opinion on controversial stuff; and what-not.

    Do the various pagan people have any consensus about controversial subjects?My burning curiosity ( I know, there's a cream for that) will not let go of the questions:"Is race a construct of political society?""Does gender actually exist outside the assigned roles set out by civilization?'& to…

    By Vegan

  • The Indigenous Religion of Korea - Importance of Initiation

    안녕하세요 여러분! I currently have a fundraiser happening right now, and you can read the full story there. I'll be posting the video where I was interviewed by The Mer Priestess on a basic rundown of Korean Shamanism (Mugyo // Musok) when…

    By Mivi