• What is your Talent

    There was a topic floating around about people's dysfunctions. It made me wonder about people's gifts and talents. What is your one of your talents, when, or how do you use it? If you care to share.

    By Magena

  • When is it "okay" to harm someone with magick or witchcraft?

    Just curious about how others think about this topic.I have my own opinions about this but want to see a discussion get started before I share them!

    By Chelsea

  • Your Pagan Name in Anagram

    Within the letters of your ordinary, everyday name hides a Pagan name that is uniquely your own.  It is only waiting to be revealed in anagram.  Through the art of anagramming, I propose to give you a Pagan name that you may use as a pen name, screen name, or for whatever purpose you choose.To…

    By Nephele, Mistress of Names

  • Celebrity Pagans or Witches

    At the beginning of this article it basically talks about people who state that some Celebrities are Pagan because of their style as being a Celebrity or if they come and and say "Thank the Goddess"; however, some of the Celebrities that have been labeled as Pagan never came out and said they were…

    By Lord Foul

  • What song do have on your mind right now?

    What song are you listening to or can think of off the top of your head?

    By Lord Foul

  • I hate being an Empath...

    Being an empath is one of the worst parts of life to me. Because of what I go through I'm almost always in a state of anxiety/fear, which is mentally draining. I don't even have it within me to protect myself... How am I supposed to help myself when I invite the problem in to my life? That's part…

    By Arya Aurelia

  • Urban Gardening


    By David J. Mcessey

  • Happy Litha Everyone!

    Gather 'round your bonfires, burn sacred herbs, and enjoy the longest day of the year!Peace to you all.

    By David T. McKee

  • The Crazy Hippie Name Game

    You have to come up with a hippie name for the name of whatever celebrity has been given by the last person to post in this thread. Game Roolz! 1. The hippie name you come up with must consist of the same number of letters as the celebrity's first and last name, and the same initial letter of both…

    By Nephele, Mistress of Names

  • Rep or Dem

    So, recently James T. Hodgkinson asked people playing baseball if they were Republican or Democrat before open fire and shooting anybody who was a Republican.  His victim was Steve Scalise.  …

    By Fiona