• Halucingines

    Ok so let me go into detail first.So I have not developed my third eye yet. I have a ritual that I need to do as soon as possible. I heard that halucingines can help bring on communication with spirits. I've been doing a ton of research. So this I'm serious on my decision this isn't for fun.What…

    By Reggie

  • Damiana

    has anyone ever used damiana ? For restless legs or anxiety? If so what are your thoughts on it? Does it work? 

    By Jorja Mae

  • Spiritual Block

    Hello everyone! I've been MIA for a while for a few reasons. Around the last time I was active here, I had just found a lump and was being tested for cancer (doesn't seem to be cancer although it does have to be rechecked in a couple months). Since then my health has continued to deteriorate and I…

    By Laura

  • Kitty

    I got a new kitty! And he’s solid black with blue eyes!!! I need help naming him

    By Jorja Mae

  • Shadow beings

    Does anyone know how to detach a shadow being from a person and banish it

    By Red

  • New here

    new here looking for friends and new beginnings

    By Drac2

  • Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everybody!

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everybody!Many blessings to those who have served around the world to progress our humanity this far and those who continue to serve.Blessed…

    By Kristi V

  • Birth Charts

    Anybody read birth charts here for free?

    By Capmoon

  • Just need a little advice...

    Hey people!Its been awhile since I have been on here and the reason behind todays visit isn't exactly pleasurabel.Okay, I need some advice.Whats going on is I have a friend who is living with us in our apartment, we let her move in because the situation at home was untenable and we were close to…

    By Ashtore

  • Mastering Fear By Ascended Master Kuthumi Via Natalie Glasson ... And 2 More Uplifting Ones

    Mastering Fear By Ascended Master Kuthumi ViaNatalie GlassonMaster Kuthumi's MessageGreetings my beloved sisters and brothers of the light, it is such a delight to connect…

    By Steven Hutchinson