• How do I start worrying and learn to love reading?

    Note: I'm not sure if it's the right sub-forum. It could have went to 'tv and books' or to 'general' or 'banter' but anyway.I am at my latest attempt to forgo the internet and video-games. I deleted most of my website profiles, and removed all the games from my current computer, so I ended up with…

    By Corbul

  • Signs the Devil is near you

    I have always been taught the following signs to know if the devil is near you..Crickets buzzing or startling unusuallySnakes or frogs jumping away from your feetI just spent an extensive time on the internet trying to find articles on it and came up empty. Do you - the pagan community concur with…

    By Elisabeth Cartwright

  • Dark Entity

    I believe that I have a dark entity attached to me. I'm not sure if it is a demon, necessarily but it just feels dark. I am Pagan and have called on some of the spirits in Solomon's Key: Halpas, Buer, Flauros, just to name the ones I've used most. Is it possible to have a dark entity attached to…

    By JanaNekare

  • Greetings

    Found myself here after a long and beautiful spiritual path. My goal is to learn and be open to others who have found their way here. We are all teachers and student alike. So I am very excited. 

    By Wren

  • Knowing your ancestral heritage?

    Ya know, I was wondering, how do you know exactly who your ancestors are? Sure, if your family actively traces its ancestry then that's one thing, but what if they don't? What if you're originally from an area that's been actively traversed by countless peoples throughout history? I'm talking of…

    By Corbul

  • Working on Updated Look & Responsive Design for Site

    Hi!I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on a responsive (mobile friendly) design layout for PaganSpace and freshing up the look :) which I'm hoping to have ready by tomorrow. I'll be taking the site offline for a little while when I implement and test the code and changes *fingers…

    By Starr Price

  • When it means that much...

    To hell with everybody else, when it means that much to you, FUCK IT.Discuss


  • Asatru and Heathens.

    Hi,I have just joined and would love to connect with other that follow the Northern path. I also started a group so that fellow followers can communicate as it seems a lot of groups have been inactive on these subjects.I hope to hear from some of you soon :)

    By Algiz

  • Racism

    Racism = of or pertaining to raceRacist = a person who pertains to race prej⋅u⋅dice –noun 1.an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. 2.any preconceived…


  • Advise for a House Cleansing

    My friend has picked up on a negative energy in her boyfriend's house. She's told me that this energy has been messing with her boyfriend's head. Her boyfriend has suffered from depression for years, but lately he's been two different people. He's very irritated and angry at home, but that almost…

    By Christina