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Single, Married, It's Complicated
Astrological Sign
About Me:
I'm a complicated INTENSE funny, spiritual, good hearted, ruthless survivor, very sexual ,loyal chaotic dynamic good hearted. Nature loving , down to Earth and weird as all out...
Family orientated, Always seeking knowledge and new thing's. Please love to meet online and offline :) sweet talker
Favorite Books
I have many Interest's I like I love Greenwitchcraft series I like Numeorolgy book I read... I like the Journey of the Souls and the Angels magic I love different books from Romance novels to Sci Fi to basic knowledge stuff.... I learning , languages, writing a book, My taste vary. Gardening books anything that will improve my life. My mood changes.
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Spiritual but not Religious, Pagan, Witch, Satanist, Mystic, Shaman, Christian, Other Spirituality, Native American Spirituality, Heathen, Warlock, Druid
Other Beliefs/Practices
MY taste change I'M MOODY I been to, a bunch of religious circles I Admit I view it as buffet why limit myself. Right now I'm exploring.
Current interests , Divination,Angelics,and Heathen stuff. I say I am pagan.
I amd Chaos magic person .
I have many of them, foods, people , knowledge seeker. I love Gardening, net surfing Paranormal, Doing things with family and traveling I do alot of reading.
Photography my new love :) traveling and helping out.
My son, anybody fights for social injustices I,, He is a true good person... Jaque Fresco and Roxane Meadows of the Venus Project men who rteat wome with total respect, True loyalty!
How did you find PaganSpace?
web engine

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Angji's Blog

Went trip with husband son to Pisgah Forest

Posted on August 9, 2017 at 11:29pm 0 Comments

We went to Pisgah   NC forest  and Glass Falls  was pretty cool up there but gorgeous lots of people our excited about the Eclipse.  Huge events here were in the path of totality.

 Planted flowers  and  vegetables. Bought son a  bike and we have two cats.

I settingup on line pod cast and church then hope ot go off line and homestead WarmHearth

Posted on February 13, 2017 at 1:58pm 0 Comments

I have my Minister License now to weddings  funerals  people as well as my nonprofit code this week hopefully. I found alto of funding have a pile of great fundraiser ideas.

Really hoping to, build a great community  All will be welcomed thank you. 

If interested please look for me online at  facebook  page on my newly created   youtube channel .

LOL funny post Husband had a bed with me on something funny! Must read

Posted on January 8, 2017 at 9:47pm 1 Comment

I am not much of a makeup warer  and not very good at putting it on LOL I was painting my  nails  and and not very good mine you  he goes I bet I can paint  your nails better than you I was like okay good for it   LOL he painted them way better than me LOL!

Well update on my life so far pretty bizzare tihs year

Posted on January 6, 2017 at 6:05pm 2 Comments

Well  I have low blood sugars and I lost weight  some gain a bit back fro mthe Holidays and then , I  went and bought New cloths  70 pound weight loss :)  My family and I saw the therapist counselors after  my husbands less than postive behaviors towards  each me  being on the  recieiving end the most.

So far  therapy's been working a  and those massive pile of spells  The God/s are  real :)

I am in DEEP GRATITUDE !   My Yule brake down  as very good   Spent time with family …


My year so far from Decemberupwards very up down year

Posted on December 12, 2016 at 8:01pm 0 Comments

Well my last Holiday I was very sick in the hospital I had severe health complicatios to keep it short I lost a alot of weight went  Health clinic and   keep it short chilled out on the other side with the Gods and  my ancestors what a ride!    I am not   as you tell by my pictures a  lot skinny  person :) Low blood sugars keep it short!

Well I and my husband  had some serious Marital issues Were working it out!  Your instincts our right aobut soemtihng have a Brkae up sell…


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At 8:46pm on September 21, 2014, svnoyi danuwa said…

thank you.

At 11:27pm on July 2, 2014, WitchyMomma said…

thank you

At 4:15am on April 18, 2014, Declan said…

HI Angji Just a quick hello to you and yours and hope all is well for you and that the snow is gone for the season now. Just looking at the picture of your porch made me shiver. Ta Declan

At 11:28am on July 17, 2013, Casey said…

Thank you!  I would love any pointers you can give in the future.  We definitely need to keep in touch.  Those youtube channels were amazing!  Thank you.

At 3:14pm on July 13, 2013,
Carol Duchesneau

*lol*  I don't usually like cucumber anythings - cucumbers, pickle....but I don't mind sweet relish - go figure.  :D

At 6:48am on July 11, 2013, tineke been said…

hi my child kimberly comes obver for the weekend arent u happy for me?im sooooo happy cause finally she can meet her family and and i did a worked.wonderful.its great to be a witch./

At 10:56am on June 26, 2013, Nocturna said…

From a friend idk where it was taken but i love foxes :)

At 4:28pm on June 3, 2013, tineke been said…

so your husband is from the netherlands?from what part of the netherlands?i lived almost everywhere.i know all the accents from our country.he could be from friesland the northern part.because as i remember they immigrated all to the usa after the war or right before.i dont was like the potato harvest that went wrong in ireland.and then all the irish ppl that still had a little money went for the usa.right now there are more irish people living in the outside of ireland then in ireland self.well we had also that immigration golf happening in holland.blessed be.

At 11:42am on June 3, 2013, tineke been said…

what kind of a bird is that?is your son trying to do some automatic writing?i love ur pictures.

At 11:48am on April 12, 2013, GinaF said…

HI, How are you? I'm doing ok, there are a lot of things here that have been happening to which has been a nightmare for us but we're dealing with the situation the best we can.

As for the weather, it's been raining here for the last week, it's been wonderful for me because I love the rain...Just not this much of it, lol.

How is the weather where your at ?

Have a great day my friend. ~ Gina


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