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Demon Child
  • 48, Female
  • Las Vegas
  • United States
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Darkness Falls Slowly and Softly

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Single, It's Complicated
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I believe in listening to your instincts. They have never let me down. I sleep during the day and prowl at night. I work at night so if my son needs me for anything I'm avaliable. I'd do anything for him, he is my life.

I love to meet dark unusual and interesting people. One day I would love to meet my soul mate, but now a days people play each other and relationship are all based on lies. Who is real and who is fake?

So I'm going to stroll through life and wait for my Dark Prince to either sweep me off my feet or bury me in a grave. Either way life or death will be exciting.

One of my goals in life is to open a bed and breakfast on the west coast. I love the earth so everything will be connected to nature for my business. Hopefully this goal will be accomplished within the next 3-4 years.

I do not believe in love. I don't ever what to be disappointed again. I'm happier with life when I think that way.

"Kindness is the beginning of Cruelty"

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Favorite Books
Anything Magical, Dean Koonz, Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, Robert McCannon
Beliefs / Practices
Witch, Wiccan, Mystic, Other Spirituality
Other Beliefs/Practices
Now a days it's hard to believe in anything. When I'm in my right mind I practice the Wiccan religion.
Anything to do with nature. Watching the moon's reflection bounce off the oceans waves. I love swimming, long walks during a full moon. Creating something out of nothing and reading anything I can get my hands on. I love Tomb chalking because many tomb stone have interesting symbols and sayings.

Lately I've been exploring the fantasy of pictures. I have really enjoyed it and it seems to relax me on my stressful days.

What Witches Do

The witches don their pointed hats,
The witches croak and croon,
The witches ride their broomsticks,
Away beyond the moon.

The witches don their flowing cloaks,
The witches stir their brew.
The witches chant their magic spells,
All the dark hours through.

The witches stroke their big black cats,
They comb their locks of gray,
Yet when the first faint daylight comes.
The witches hide away.

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What evil web we weave in order to deceive.

We weave a web of lies to feed the need indeed.

We live our web of lies that no one can believe.

We are so tangle upon the web that we can not be freed.

No one knows your true born face, for you have changed it with disgrace.

The lies that follow down this path of darkness hallow that shall not pass.

One day my past will catch me swift, then death will follow, I pray it quick.

What evil web we weave in order to deceive.


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Hey you still have the banner for my TheMiddleAges website when ning was still up. too :3

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Psychic Jokes
Two psychic healers meet in the street - "You're fine - how am I?"
Where do fortune tellers dance? .....The crystal ball
What trees do fortune tellers look at? .......Palms

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