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About Me:
Greetings! to those of you who read my words presently. I admit to being pleasantly surprised to find such a place as this on the internet. For those who know me not, allow me to relieve you of your ignorance regarding my nature...I do not care much for the electrical technologies, mankind's ideal of 'progress'. In saying as much, it is not hard to tell that I go to the places with which I am most familiar (email and Facebook) and beyond that...maybe one other website. So for one such as myself, this is indeed an intriguing discovery. I prefer to keep one foot in the Old Ways and one foot in this...imperfect ideal of progress we now call...the Internet.

Now to the more mundane issues; where to begin. Well, let us begin where everything the beginning. I am the eldest of two children, born into a Religious family. My brother and I were well mannered, but not well balanced. For old Souls, a strict set of religious laws can be...suffocating. Needless to say, my Brother and I abandoned the Church not long after leaving home, and began to seek a deeper purpose.

My life, like many lives, is colored with suffering and strife, struggle and victory...but it is within struggle and suffering that the truest lessons are learned. It is through pain, that wisdom is deepest and longest remembered. At the tender age of Three, Spider approached me in the most typical Spider fashion...with a bite. However, this bite landed me in the hospital for three weeks. A child of that age does not understand that Spider was, in fact, introducing herself in a very obvious way. From then on, I have dreamt of my dreams, Spider has often been a guide and guardian. It is not hard to tell that Spider is my spiritual and animal guide...the one whom I find the most comfort in. Because of Spider's influence in my life, I've been given a precious gift, and to that end I can sense the dead, I can sense the intentions of others when they are near me, I can speak to the trees and hear their voices in the breeze as it passes through their boughs, I speak to animals like a madwoman, and can discern the meaning of dreams...all others, but my own. I am able to observe how something is made, and in the next breath learn the discipline without the need for further instruction. But it was not always this way for me. For many years of my childhood I feared Spider. I feared her well into my 20's until one day...she tried once more to get my attention. This time, her subtle mercies were appreciated. It is a rather humorous tale, learning how I overcame my fear of Spider. I haven't the space to share the tale here, but if you wish to know by all means...ask and I will reveal.

By nature, I cannot allow others to work while I stand idly by and watch; it is behavior without honor. To teach properly, is to lead by example; the best teachers know this, and they are the wisest of us. The Earth is precious to me. In saying as much, the politics of a mundane society are of little interest. Empires rise and fall with each passing age. They care not whom they effect as they collapse. It is the way of things. Shall I waste my energy slinging mud into a mud puddle? Shall I expect the mud puddle to notice that I am attempting to insult its intentions. Some would say 'Well the issues effect you too, don't they?' Perhaps. But for me to throw my arms up in the air yelling 'OH MY GAWDS! Can you believe they are doing this?!" Will it change anything? Potentially no...will they continue with their unfavorable action...potentially yes, because humans are stubborn and do as they will to the detriment of all. This is how I see it.

As to anything else, I have remained vague due to limited space. Anything further you wish to know, please ask.
Beliefs / Practices
Spiritual but not Religious, Pagan, Druid
Other Beliefs/Practices
We speak not of such things...
When one observes all manner of creative endeavor, where does one begin when speaking of them. I am a creative explorer, a lover of craft and design, an observer of the same. If it is a way to express my inner workings, I will swiftly take part.
The Earth is my hero. It is not hard to tell that she suffers daily. Much of her suffering is at the hands of those who believe themselves to be her caretakers. Irregardless of her pain, she remains beautiful and nurturing...patient and constant.
How did you find PaganSpace?
Merely by chance...

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At 9:45pm on March 03, 2013, WHITE WOLF gave BlackWidowRoses a gift
At 4:40pm on February 28, 2013, WHITE WOLF gave BlackWidowRoses a gift
hello friends
At 12:20pm on February 28, 2013,
Dr. Gareth Pengwerin

Dear Black Widow Rose,

I have just seen your pictures and I prefer the one that shows your lovely smile!

I would not say I am "the wisest" but I have experienced much in my 77 years - a great deal of good but a fair amount of bad.  Try to meet me on my website when you have time:- http// where you will be a very welcome visitor.  i shall look out for you.

I've looked for a website of your profile but cannot see any.  Have you anything on the web?

Best wishes,


At 10:24am on February 28, 2013, Terry said…

At 9:43am on February 28, 2013, Moon Shine gave BlackWidowRoses a gift
At 9:35pm on February 27, 2013, WHITE WOLF gave BlackWidowRoses a gift
At 4:13pm on February 27, 2013, Mark said…

Dark & Gothic Welcome Comments

At 3:02pm on February 27, 2013, Dr. Gareth Pengwerin gave BlackWidowRoses a gift
Some Flowers for Black Widow Rose in friendship...............
At 1:07pm on February 27, 2013, Moon Shine gave BlackWidowRoses a gift
At 5:22am on February 27, 2013,
Dr. Gareth Pengwerin

Warmest greetings, BlackWidowRoses, from a 76 year old hereditary Brythonic Kelt in the Community. May membership of Pagan Space be a spiritually profitable event for you with abundant, cordial comradeship to meet your social needs and aspirations.

Very best wishes and

Bendyth Y Mamau,

(Blessing of The Mothers)



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