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About Me:
im a solitary witch, i follow my own path but would like to find some friends who i can share my journy. i celbrated my 3 year of pratice yesterday ( and my spelling is quite bad sorry) other then that im a verry differant individual i lve anything fire bon fires fire breathing poi & stave poi being a hobbie of mine i also love my arts music (im verry brourd), photography, writing and all that creative stuff you get the drift any qustions just ask i wont bite blessed be
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Other Spirituality
Other Beliefs/Practices
i try to keep opended minded, but if had to pint point a ruff gide i would say im a blend of wicca, neo pagan, witch with sprinkels of ancient egyption, chinase,myan & past lifes with reincarnation on the side.
poi, going to the beach, bon fires, wiking, going bush, traviling/road trips, dancing hanging out with friends, movies music, opp shoping, hanging out at the markets/garage sales & movies movies movies
Frida Kahlo, Johnny Cash, Amanda Palmer, Isis, cab drivers, parmamedicks, fire fighters, people who fight for there belives & those who wish to better the world no matter how small the scale.
How did you find PaganSpace?
i was dricted from a lovley ladie named brook l stargazer from ipod witch a pod cast i stumbled across about 2 weekes ago when i joined the ipod world globly


some more info:


Favorite music artist/band:

Amanda Fucking Palmer


Favorite movie:

I have stacks but one of the top of my head is girl interrupted


First favorite color:



Second favorite color:

green brown orange purple and blue depend on the mood but normally brows and greens


Your ideal "last meal" would be :

bacon and eggs sandwich with nandos chip’s extra peri peri salt


Celebrity (muggle) crush :

Frida Kahlo though I don’t think muggle is correct she had T.S. ties I believe


Celebrity (Pagan) crush :

a woman I saw dancing in a night club about 5 years ago I loved everything about her but didn’t get her name


If you could change your first name to anything it would be:

I love the names phoenix, Persephone, Desire & Aura but I can’t think of one that suits me make a craft name or my nick name Bre or Bri


How often do you dream? :

That’s tricky sometimes but when I do it is important it’s a long story but not often


Have you ever been arrested? :

Nearly a couple of time but I have been detained agent my will a few times


If you were a god/dess, which would you be? :

I am the goddess I am the god I am divinity but I love my Egyptian deities, Toth, Isis & Orisis


Describe yourself in THREE adjectives only:

alternative, completed & fun


Favorite place in the world (been there or not):

the beach during a winter thunder and lightning storm or by a bon fire with drinks and mates and music


What is your biggest pet peeve:

hierocrats even though I am one, people you just don’t click with and stupid drivers we all get road rage


The best way to impress you is:

being yourself but my fave flowers and a move cant hurt either um y perfect date would be a road trip with friends after clubbing and then take it from there


Your worst fear:

the dark something’s in it & sea weed no really


Your biggest dream:

a house no a home but before that I want to have a dark room and travel in a bus or tee pee just as little impact and cost as I can and maybe settle down


How many donuts have you ever eaten at once?:

about 6  just cinnamon dipped still warm yum yum


Favorite used exercise to burn off said donuts:

sex is exercise


Do you have any addictions?:

kinda no more bad ones well illegal ones anymore


3 electronic gadgets you can’t live without:

internet, my music, my movies & my poi and books is all i need


Cats or Dogs?:

kitties my kitten Na Nook is crazy I can’t imagine live without my babby


How many hours a day do you spend on face book?:

not as much as I yousta but less the an hour easily but its always logged in


What mythical animal would have the cutest babies?



State ONE completely random other fact about yourself that we probably don't already know.?:

Only 2 other people know this but I once made tea with 2 friends we all sang and danced while we made it like fame or breakfast at tiffany’s ate our tea then had wine a talk and a smoke it was a blast. but strange afterwards


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