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Gina LaMonte
  • 56, Female
  • Tampa, FL
  • United States
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Mama Gina welcomes you to PaganSpace!

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About Me:
Pagan Bard / Folk Artist
singer/songwriter & wanderlust ... fearless story-telling ... bluesy vocals ... humor ... straight-ahead, rhythmic, 12 string acoustic guitar ... djembe ... frame drums ... all weft and warp of the soul of this bard
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Favorite Books
You've got to be kidding ... shelves and shelves of books on comparative religious studies, tarot, kaballah (both Hebrew and Hermetic), magick, and when my brain begins to explode from too much research, I load up on fantasy and sci-fi. I just LOVE books. They are ALL my favorites.
Beliefs / Practices
Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Mystic, Other Spirituality
How did you find PaganSpace?
Those wonderful folks from the Florida Pagan Gathering.


Mama Gina’s workshops are imaginative, engaging, experiential, sometimes over-the-top, and always straight from the heart. She loves to travel. And she loves to wax poetic about Tarot, Magick, and Kaballah.

Workshops, lectures and classes may be tailored to meet the needs of your community, whether you are booking an engagement for your group, shop, gathering, or festival of any size.

The information below is a guideline, but certainly not the final word, regarding booking Mama Gina at your event. If your group is unable to meet the basic travel and fee requirements listed below, please e-mail her at to discuss alternatives.


Not generally, though she used to do that a long time ago. She does offer some amazing workshops and lectures, all of which may be tailored to your community’s needs. Here are just a few examples:

* Storytelling and the Tarot: Learn fantastic techniques for unearthing the stories beneath the cards and relating those stories in a clear and effective manner. This is a Tarot class AND a creative writing class, so bring your favorite Tarot and/or Oracle Deck, a notebook, and a comfy pen. If you forget your deck, don't worry - Gina will have plenty on hand.

* Tarot Spreads for Groups: Your Tarot cards are the perfect medium for reading for groups - be they magickal or mundane. We'll discuss creating group spreads on the fly, and Gina will share some of her favorite techniques. There will be a group reading at the end of this workshop - please join us and share in the fun!

* Tarot - Meditation and Mediation: Experience a powerful guided meditation into a single Tarot card. We will follow with discussion of various techniques of meditation and mediation or pathworking between cards. Bring something comfy to sit in or relax upon for the meditation.

* Meet the Tarot Court Cards: We'll discuss practical techniques for interpreting the 16 Court Cards in the Tarot, including identifying elemental energy and comparing them to Myers Briggs/Kiersey personality types. Bring your notebook and pen and your favorite Tarot deck, or use one of Mama Gina's many colorful decks, and come meet the Tarot family!

* Tarot & Magick: More than just a pack of cards, your Tarot deck may be your greatest ally on your Magickal path and daily spiritual practice. Join us for a lively discussion, as we share specific techniques for using the Tarot in altar, spell and ritual construction.

* A Guide to Guided Meditation: If you’ve ever wondered if you are meditating “right,” this workshop is for you. We’ll discuss relaxation and breathing techniques and managing meditation expectations, and we’ll cover the basics of guiding others on their journey. Of course, there will be a brief guided meditation at the end of this workshop, so bring something comfortable to sit in or lay upon.

* Mama Gina's Kaballah Soup ... or ... Tree Climbing 101: Be ready for a little levity as we pursue a basic understanding of the Kaballah and the cosmic filing cabinet that is the Tree of Life.

* LBRP with Mama Gina: Drop your DOGMA at the door, and get ready for a very interesting discussion on The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Learn some of the theory behind the ritual and how you can adapt it to your own spiritual practice. All this from Mama Gina's unique and often warped perspective ... 'nuf said.

* Mama Gina’s Introductory and Intermediate Tarot Classes, Introductory Kaballah, and Tarot and Magick Classes are also available for full day and weekend workshop intensives!

About that dancing and singing thing – with the right incentive, you just might twist her arm and get some Aretha Franklin or Janis Joplin at the end of the day. It doesn’t have a thing to do with Tarot, but it is rather amusing.


Gina books six to twelve months in advance, and she loves to stay busy. Please contact her at to book your event early, and don’t hesitate to contact her at any time to discuss short-term availability.


Honestly, fees vary. Gas prices and the cost of travel change frequently. If Gina is able to sell books and provide readings at your event, that will help defray your costs. E-mail Gina at with what you have in mind, and she’ll be able to provide a detailed fee schedule. That said, the following expenses are generally covered by the sponsor of the event: Airfare, lodging, meals, taxi, gas and tolls.

Alas, contracts are for everyone’s protection. Once agreement has been reached regarding the engagement, Gina will provide two copies of her standard contract … one for you to sign and return, and one for you to keep for your file.

A $100 deposit is required within three weeks of confirmation (execution of the contract) of the event. If Gina should cancel the event for any reason, the deposit is fully refundable. Cancellations by event sponsors are not refundable.


The more folks know about your engagement, the more successful it will be. You are strongly encouraged to advertise your event, and Gina will provide a press kit to help you in that endeavor. In addition, she will post the event on various bulletin boards and social networking sites, and with her e-mail group.

Gina is an experienced Tarot Guide and can provide readings where legally practicable.

Gina is the author of Tarot Spreads, Threads and Mandalas, and would be happy to include a book-signing as part of any engagement. Books will be pre-shipped to the event coordinator or other designated party. You must provide a free vendor’s permit, if necessary, booth space, chairs, and shelter. Books are also available for wholesale purchase for your event.

Mama Gina has hardly ever met a food that she didn’t like. Please don’t consider that a challenge to see if she’ll eat armadillo feet. Just know that she’s happy sharing the local cuisine and beverage with you and yours.

Mama Gina is a true Sagittarius, and welcomes the opportunity to stay with folks of like mind. Hotel, guest room, spare couch, cabin space at festivals – all of these are welcome accommodations. Please do consider inviting her into your home and save a bit of money on your event. Warning: Gina is prone to doing the dishes (though definitely NOT part of her standard contract) and staying up late talking about all things metaphysical.


E-mail or send her a message right here on!

Gina LaMonte's Blog

The Princess and the Silver Coin and the Goldfish

Posted on January 11, 2009 at 10:07pm 0 Comments

The Princess and the Silver Coin and the Goldfish

Once upon a time there was a princess. The princess had two prized possessions: a goldfish and a silver coin. She loved the goldfish, but could not carry the goldfish with her all the time, for it would die if taken out of its royal goldfish bowl. She liked the shiny silver coin and carried it with her in her royal pockets, but it would tarnish as she took it out of her pocket and showed it to her friends (who were not really friends,… Continue

Tarot Deck Review - Dalí Universal Tarot Deck

Posted on January 1, 2009 at 6:32pm 0 Comments

Dalí Universal Tarot Deck

ISBN: 0-88079-090-3; Publisher: U.S. Games Systems

A review from the melted mind of Mnemosyne (circa 2006) ...

Knowing my fascination for all things Dalí and my love for Tarot, my other half presented me with the perfect gift last year. I dove right in, spent hours looking at each card, and finally pronounced it my "Blood and Butterflies" deck. Perhaps it was the fever that turned into a flu within 24 hours which made me see so much of… Continue

Mama Gina's Ode to 2008, Blessed Yule and New Year Blog Post to Ring in 2009

Posted on December 28, 2008 at 7:47pm 0 Comments

How was my 2008?

IT REALLY IS ALL GOOD! In fact, it has been fantastic.

Lou and I were married in June 2008 and handfasted in October 2008. We grew up together, then lost touch for over 25 years. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, Lou LaMonte, Jr. found me after all those years and we finally decided that a late start was better than no start at all. He's the wonderful artist who designed the cover of Tarot Spreads, Threads and Mandalas, and you'll be seeing more of his… Continue

There Is Only Down For Me

Posted on November 30, 2008 at 8:38pm 0 Comments

Here's a little something from a festival two years ago - a very rainy festival, most of which I spent in my tent. And, oh, how we needed the rain in that Georgia pine forest.

There Is Only Down For Me

There is only down for me

Compelled, impelled, propelled to fall

Gaining mass and purpose, stealing moisture from the sky

Through cloud and shroud and shadow

Joined with others of my kind

'Til I can't tell where they end and I… Continue

Mother Wing

Posted on May 26, 2008 at 10:34pm 0 Comments

May 16, 2008 - A not so serious story, because the birds refused, after all, to be serious ...

Birdsong at the edge of a dream lures me with promises of sunrise.

The chatter of maple and oak, of poplar and tiny pine at the lip of the wood,

Whisper and cry of all that is green.

Every shade of green

Translucent, pale, almost white with just a hint of pastel

Chartreuse underleaf

Deep spruce cloak

Forest green right out of the crayon box of my… Continue

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At 7:12am on October 31, 2009, JAGODA said…

At 12:25am on October 25, 2009, Kelly said…
Long time no hear, been a bit busy here. Was wondering if you know of any festivals down there that are reasonable price, between Nov. and the end of Feb.. I would say later but Marie is pregnant again and due sometime around April or May, they aren't sure when yet. Hope all is well there.....Kelly
At 6:27pm on October 16, 2009, BoomBoom said…
I see your book advertised on this site! woo Woo!
At 7:02am on October 11, 2009, Nefretsebat Sat Aset said…
Hey Girl!!!! With you voice, a trained monkey could have kept the beat for you! I had no idea you sang like that! I was blown away. I heard you were great, but WOW!!!!!! It was truly an honor to get to play beside you!! Love Ya Girl! See you at GSG!!! YAY!!!!!!!!
At 1:54pm on October 10, 2009, Shambalah said…

YOU ROCKED THAT PLACE, GINA! WOWOOOWWWWWOOOOOO! It was truly a Revival thanks to your awesome voice and energy... so many comments on the energy, the songs ~ your voice! Even the kids had a blast! You ARE the BESTEST ~ our Rogue WitchCrafter! LOL!
At 5:46am on October 9, 2009, Nefretsebat Sat Aset said…
Hey Girl!!! You rocked CUUPS last week. I was so proud to accompany you on the drum and be part of it!
At 9:49pm on June 30, 2009, Shambalah said…
Goddess! I MISS YOU!

Got more bribes... and a proposition for you. Hoping to catch you at CUUPs Saturday. If not... I'm a comin' lookin' fer ya'! LOL!

Bright Blessings!

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