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You must know Darkness to love the Light. May you always Walk in the Light!

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Electric Blue replied to MommaWhiteCougar's discussion Coping with able-bodied Rituals and Ceremonies in the group Pagans with Disabilities
"I would like to figure this out too. A few years back I attended our Pagan Festival and we were in the middle of the Spiral Dance, well my heart started to act up, people started telling me to go sit down, but I had to break the circle in…"
Nov 15, 2017

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is a linear concept. I walk the Spiral Path!



About Me:
This whole page is about me!, but please read my Blog post called THE WHEEL OF LIFE if you really want to know who I am - it says it all...





The God and Goddess weave a mystic spiral through the seasons, changing names and faces as mortals would change a garment. But like a mortal who is the same beneath whatever clothes are worn, so is the Divine the same beneath whatever outward appearance is shown to us.


There are many versions of Her name:




but whichever spelling you choose, She is the same: The Goddess of the Spring Equinox, and the creator of…THE EASTER BUNNY!

And this is how it came to pass…Come along now, sit beside me and be nice and quiet. I’ll tell you exactly how it happened…


As Eostre walked upon the Earth
One early Springtime day
She saw Dame Holda high above
Upon Her goose so grey.

"What are you doing flying high?
The winter should be past!
It's time for warmth and growing things,
Not for a chilly blast!"

Dame Holda simply waved and smiled,
"The answer's plain my dear,
I'm letting my goose stretch her wings
Before we end our year."

And so the goose's feathers fell
As softly drifting snow.
Her flapping wings stirred up a gale
That all around did blow.

Then Eostre saw the wobbly lambs
All shivering in the fold,
And daffodils whose sunny heads
Were drooping in the cold.

But saddest sight of all was seen – It made dear Eostre cry,
A skylark frozen on the ground –
Too cold and weak to fly.

"What can I do to end this pain?
How can I solve her plight?
She lies near death from bitter frost.
I cannot bear this sight!"

And so dear Eostre took the bird
To give it all Her care.
To keep it warm and keep it safe,
She changed it to a hare!

"A hare has such a fluffy coat
And fuzzy furry feet.
She will not suffer from the wind
Or cold and falling sleet!"

The skylark was somewhat surprised
To find herself earthbound
But in her snugly furry coat
Began to hop around.

The days went by (as days will do),
The hare grew strong and bright
But she was not content you see,
For she had had lost her flight.

"I know I sound ungrateful
Since you saved my life, it's clear.
But I miss the thrill of open skies
And soaring full of cheer."

So Eostre, ever kindly,
Raised the hare high in the sky.
She could not give the bunny wings,
But had a plan to try.

She placed the hare in the night sky
To shine there as some stars.
They're called Lepus - still there today –
Just somewhere South of Mars.

The hare was happy for a while
So high above the Earth.
But stars (except in Hollywood)
Are not equipped for birth.

She wanted babies as before,
She wanted tiny chicks.
Eostre was now quite bemused.
Could this request be fixed?

The Eostre a brilliant thought:
The answer was so clear!
The hare could come back down to earth
For just one day a year.

"If eggs she wants, then eggs she'll have
On just one special day.
The hare who was a skylark once
Will have her chance to lay!"

And so the day arrived at last,
The hare could come to earth.
She tried to fly. She flapped her ears
For all that she was worth!

She hopped and jumped. She bounced off Mars.
She caromed off the Sun.
No matter what the bunny tried
All she could do was run!

"How will I ever lay my eggs?
I cannot seem to fly.
The earth is still so far away,
Whatever can I try?"

She looked down on the shining Earth,
All sparkling in a shower.
"That's it!" the clever hare declared,
“I’ll slide on rainbow power!”

And that is what the bunny did.
The rainbow saved the day.
By sliding down its colours bright
She now her legs could lay.

But when the eggs were laying there
On grass all moist with dew,
They were not white, oh no my dear,
But were of rainbow hue!

Yes, Magick from the rainbow
Made the eggs all green and blue -
Some red and orange and violet eggs.
No honestly, it's true!

And that is why on just one day
These eggs you still may see.
A gift from Eostre and the hare
That's left for you and me!

As Ostara approaches, we find Kwan Yin serenely sitting this one out contemplating new life from a quiet island of the soul. For those who prefer British imagery, look to the eternal gavotte of Gaia and the GreenMan.

Beltane brings sensuality and a tango that undulates with the earthy fertility of Pan and Aphrodite!

Torrid Summer storms and heat are reflected at Summer Solstice as Sekhmet’s strong feet pound out a sultry rhythm...

Yngvi leads his Faerie Court merrily prancing through soft Summer nights beneath a Moon of ancient mystery.

The Wheel begins to slow its pace as maturity and wisdom replaces impetuous youth. Rhiannon can be seen swaying gently in the forests and lush fields of corn, ripe for the first harvest of Lammas. Lugh is also honoured now, with the harvest festival of Lughnasadh symbolising the Dance of Death as the Corn King gives his life for his own.

As Autumn cools the passions, and the final harvests of Mabon are reaped we find Demeter, Persephone and Hades circling in the mystery of balance between the seasons and the balance between life and death.

There is also the Egyptian duo of Maat and Thoth who can bring the balance of a pas de deux into your life with a scale and a feather!

With the Wheel turning to Samhain, the Goddess bears the face of Hecate, older, wiser but still strong. The shuffling feet of the Crone may be slow, but her measured tread has all the power and experience that Time alone can bring. She guides us to the future where once again it will be Spring.

At Yule the ageing Holly King wistfully watches Dame Holda’s swooping aerial ballet upon the wings of her Magick Goose.

She is celebrating the birth of the God, seen as the Divine Child called by many names amongst the beliefs and races of our Mother Earth: Krishna, Horus, Buddha, Quetzacotl, Attus, Tammuz, the Oak King,, Mithras, or the Christ. All of these share not only the birthday, but also other similarities such most had a virgin mother, humble beginnings. and a dangerous/hidden period of childhood

As Imbolc thaws the land you may find the hearty strength of Brigit - the fiery pounding beat of her anvil forging a dance of transformation.

No one could name them all.

But whenever I honour one, they all hear me, because in the infinite universe, all are ONE.

I dedicate this page to them all.

I am MommaWhiteCougar, Shaman and Priestess of Sekhmet, Elen and Hecate. Devotee of Lord Ganesha...Yes! I am MommaWhiteCougar!

Desert Winds blow desert sands around a gnarled old tree.
Although the air is stifling hot, it thrives as all can see.
How can this ancient withered thing have leaves on twig and bough?
And how can it somehow survive where nothing should grow now?

I know that if a thing’s unseen does not mean it’s not there.
And many things may come to pass to those who trust and dare.
Beneath the sand is water sweet but none above can know
This water kisses thirsty roots which causes sap to flow.

How like that tree can be a Crone – Her life was shaped by care.
Inside still beats a youthful heart – Take time to look – it’s there.
Her hair is grey, her face is lined, her step has slowed its pace.
But ancient wisdom fills her now. She blooms with love and grace

CLICK HERE FOR Witchy's Wikked Graphix

My only hero is Charlie Dimmock. She went on televison with no makeup, no bra and sweated and lifted rocks and dug with the guys. She showed there is nothing wrong with a woman being strong, getting dirty, but still being a WOMAN.

I like pizza,

occasionally maintaining my website,,


alternative Spiritual Paths,


writing poetry and prose,


going to the country and seaside of Britian for chilling and communing with the Divine,


Oh! And did I mention that I like pizza?

My only real dislike is (or should it be are?) Intolerant people. Everything else has a place on the Wheel, whether I can see it or not.

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MommaWhiteCougar's Blog

WHEEL OF LIFE (the explanation of why I moved to Britain)

Posted on September 14, 2008 at 3:49am 4 Comments

This is not a work of fiction, in the real sense of that word.

I believe that the beginning of this is a true memory whispered in my ear by the Morrigan.

I know what I have written about Jeanie is true, including the visit to Dorset, because I am she.

The only thing herein that is complete fiction is Conrad, at the very end.

And maybe he was there...if I had only looked.

I believe that the Morrigan reminds us all to be careful… Continue

A Sekhmet Saturday

Posted on September 8, 2008 at 6:00am 0 Comments

Last Saturday I attended a day in honour of Sekhmet. I am Her Priestess, and I love her strength and energy!

There was a beautiful Altar with a big golden Sekhmet, many small ones, candles and flowers. There was an introduction to Sekhmet and then a guided Pathworking which culminated in inviting Sekhmet to come and dwell in her statue.

Then some author everyone else seemed to know spoke about Sekhmet and led a meditation. Goddess knows who he was, but obviously… Continue

The principle of Balance through Sacrifice - Give and Take...

Posted on September 1, 2008 at 6:30am 1 Comment

Summer is ending. Summer Moons have grown to ripeness as the Wheel turns. They hurry crops and creatures, filling them with a sense of urgency.

There is an ache and yearning in me. I feel like I want or need something, but I don’t know what. Tears prick behind my eyes, and I get shivers and I mentally moan and sigh. What is it? This isn’t depression because I know what that feels like. Maybe it’s just wanting…needing what is waiting down the road… Continue

More memories and a time for changes

Posted on August 30, 2008 at 10:00am 0 Comments

I got strangely nostalgic when I posted "A Lammas Memory." It really brings back memories of a time that was truly bittersweet. I have more clear, specific memories of that summer than all the rest of the time I lived with Momma and Frank. Here are some of them, in no particular order:

Daddy-boy bought me my first typewriter, and I started my earliest creative writing.

There was a terrific thunderstorm, and the kitchen lightbulb exploded all over Momma and me when… Continue

Mabon approaches...

Posted on August 29, 2008 at 7:12pm 0 Comments

Abundance is around me. I unite with other Pagans in thanking the Gods for the season of plenty. Though some heat remains during the day, I can see my breath as I wait for the bus at 6.30 in the morning.

There is a faint golden tinge to the Sunlight and I can sense the season is waning and the light withdrawing. It is a time to see what is outworn in my life - the time for tying up loose ends and preparing for the season of intellect and cerebral work that is before… Continue

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