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Am I in love or am I just DELUDED AND NEUROTIC?

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About Me:
I am supposed to be reserved or neutral in a pseudo-abstract kind of way at this point. I refuse. I am, above all things, passionate. As well as empathetic, romantic, and deeply spiritual. I am the kind of person who is constantly distracted by some random beautiful thing on the horizon. I am the person rendered breathless by the simple things you see daily. I love forests and valleys. I love overgrown buildings. I love hidden sanctuaries.(there are many of these places if you spend some time walking) I love any decayed and forgotten place, a place with a story no person living can tell. I love lonely and forsaken homes, I love remnants of anything...I love to feel the nostalgia of fragments. I love the feel the sadness and the loss in them. The world is a breathtaking place, and I am the kind of person who walks outside and comes to near-faint at how vast it is. I sometimes wish I could become a symbiote to the earth, and experience the world in all of it's splendor all at once. I love has always enticed me. I have a shabby physical appearance. Curly reddish hair that is everywhere. Tattered yet practical clothing. I never really had the chance to develop a fashion sense. I love you. Yes, YOU. YOu are worthy of love. Somebody in some place has seen you inside and out and felt love for you. If you are worthy of anybody's love, you are worthy of mine. Trust is earned, but love should always be there. If we do not force the idea of love back into the world it will be forgotten. The world is full of desensitized husks. It is up to us to revitalize our fellow man and woman, and have the blood of unity and compassion pumping in our hearts once more. Yes, I am a little eccentric. A Black Metal guitarist... Perhaps a little utopian as well. I have a fierce passion. Please, lets share a kiss one day. Lets share our riches, both of mind and heart. Let's touch souls... let us speak ^_^. Please do not come to me and pretend you have no feelings, that you are tough and abstract. Far too sophisticated for the introspective kind of perception. It is utterly typical and a waste of my time. I understand that being judgemental is part of human nature. But please. Spare me your immediate assumptions. And I will do the same. It is obvious that I see many more of the beautiful things on this earth than normal for people, which also means I see the most disgusting. There are the sleeping ignorant. Wasted hunks of air-sucking flesh immersed in this society's cheap and twisted ideals and understandings. We pump our children with heartless lies about how they should see the world. Display to them cruelty that is now seen as common and typical. Streets, houses, and stores are littered with sick and withering humans. Cruelty and hatred is a standard. We all have had our taste of cruelty on both ends. Stories upon stories of unconnected and unspeakable deeds clutter our minds. The world of spirits is a wailing chaos of confused victims. Victims we hall have done wrong to. We have a victim. A person we know very well to be horribly mistreated due to or by our doings. A person who has done not one thing to us in any point of time. We weep for our victims somewhere deep in our oblivious hearts. Yet they still die our victims, and we are left all the same. Think of this person in your life and smother them with love. Appreciate them. They will be your undoing. I am an open book. Please, send me a message. I talk to many people.
Favorite Books
Crazy Franz Bardon, Michael W Ford, Tolkein, Cate Tiernan, Neil Gaiman, Mary Shelly, Agrippa, Starhawk, Anne Rice, The Cthullu Mythos, The Old Curiosity Shop, Ken Follet, H.P. Lovecraft, Poppy Z. Brite, Vampire: , Aristotle, Voltaire(both), Aliester Crowley, Konstantinos, Eric Griffin, Peter Carroll, Austin Spare,Phillip Hine and about 700 others(I am constantly reading.) I like a few manga series
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Satanist, Mystic, Other Spirituality, Native American Spirituality, Heathen, Druid
Other Beliefs/Practices
I am a Wiccan...I have an involuntary and extreme love for the Lord and Lady.
I am currently making and recording music.Writing comes to me naturally, but I spend less time on it. I also like anime, gothic fashion(though I don't dress it, I love looking at the many different designers and styles such as Heavy Red, Pinar Eris, Kambriel, Enigma, Jeannie Nitro, Drac-In-A-Box, Futurestate, and many underground designers,) I like sex, forests, animals, architecture, philosophy,painting, literature and anything darkly beautiful, horrifically natural, or...Nature that is darkly horrific yet beautiful?
Ryan Lum, Varg Vikernes, Quorthon, Janet Fararr, Euronymous Aarseth, Doug White, Scott Ferrell, Erin Welton, Philip Hine. Anyone who loves. Anyone who dreams.
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At 5:10pm on May 26, 2010, Bell Book and Candle said…
At 2:28pm on April 01, 2010, Lady Peninah gave OubliantLeSang a gift
At 12:47am on October 2, 2009, darkrose0486 said…
it's hard to see past hurt sometimes, if you ever need to chat I'm always here.
At 3:14am on September 30, 2009, darkrose0486 said…
it takes guts to speak your mind. Blessed Be
At 11:20pm on September 28, 2009, darkrose0486 said…
welcome to Pagan Space I hope you like it here
At 12:19am on May 15, 2008, Bella Louna said…
greetings! you have some nice list of music and hobbies!!!
hope to hear from you soon blessed be!
At 11:32am on May 11, 2008, Cat High said…

Merry Meet & Welcome to Pagan Space!
At 11:09am on May 11, 2008, Pam said…
Just stopped by to say hi and welcome.
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