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Phil's Radio Blog

Musica Pagani: Ostara 2012

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Greetings and well met, my friends! I had a hard time deciding what music to play for Ostara this year, so I just went ahead and included most of it. THIRTY-SEVEN music selections were in this special episode of Musica Pagani, that's almost 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  1. Bill Wren & Frank Ralls - New Heaven, New Earth - Journey Around the Sun: A Mayan Odyssey
  2. Al Conti - Spring Maiden - Northern Seas
  3. David Clavijo - Promises - The Landing: Special Edition
  4. Douglas Bluefeather - When the Rains Come - Best of Douglas Bluefeather
  5. Christopher Lapina - She's Often Here - Eclectic Eve
  6. Ann Licater - Shades of Light - Doorway to a Dream
  7. Catherine Marie Charlton - Springshine - Undershore
  8. Craig Urquhart - Waves - Songs Without Words
  9. Douglas Bluefeather & Danny Voris - Dream of the Trees - Earth Songs
  10. Fiona Joy Hawkins - Feeling Sunshine - Live at the Q
  11. Fred Thrane - Dawndancer - Angels of the Sun
  12. John Albert Thomas - Fantasy - Now I Sleep
  13. Hennie Bekker - Spring Rain - Spectrum: An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music
  14. Jose Luis Serrano Esteban - Spring Has Arrived - A New Horizon
  15. Kathryn Kaye - Smile for Me April - Dreaming Still
  16. Louis Collaiannia - Spring Dawn - A Moment Between Eternities
  17. Lynn yew Evers - Dawn of Peace - Dawn of Peace
  18. Michael Strilbing - Forever Young - Another Day in Paradise
  19. Peter Sterling - Enchantments Awakening = Patterns of Relection
  20. Paradiso & Rasamayi - Transformation - 3rd Eye Rising
  21. Lia Scallon - Clear Quartz - Crystal Keys 
  22. Psicodreamics - Earth Prayer - Ancient Wisdom
  23. Lis Addison - Brimming Over - Grace of the Green Leaf
  24. Uwe Gronau - Far in the East (instrumental version) - Time Rider
  25. Michael Brant DeMaria - Timeless Dawn - Bindu
  26. Michael de Salem - Sentimental Stops - Something Getting Wrong
  27. Wendy Rule - Guided by Venus - Guided by Venus
  28. Sharon Knight - Phoenix from the Ashes - Song of the Sea
  29. Terri Liles Mason - Begin Again - OmGaia
  30. T Thorn Coyle - The Green - Face of a New Day
  31. Spiral Dance - The Goddess and the Weaver - The Mist
  32. Elaine Silver - By the Earth - Fairie Goddess
  33. Candice Night - Robin Red Breast - Relfections
  34. Jenna Greene - Soul of Nature - Crossroads
  35. Rich Osborn - A song of New Beginnings - Giving Voice
  36. Jeff Oster - Beautiful Silence - Surrender
  37. Shawna Carol - Bless Our Planet - Gaia Rocks
Whew! That was a lot of typing! I had a lot of fun putting the show together and I hope you all had a good time listening to it. The theme was spring and Ostara, but the music is wonderful any time of year.

A huge thank you goes out to all the musicians for giving me permission to use their music on podcast.

Musica Pagani: Full Moon March 2012

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Greetings and thank you for listening to a brand new edition of Musica Pagani. I do apologize for MP disappearing for so long. It wasn't for want of doing it, it was more a lack of time.  But I have made time to do the show again. It's only once a week, usually a recorded program. So at the very least I can plot and plan the show in advance and then put it together in a short period of time for listening pleasure.

The March full moon found us experience a solar storm for the Sun's eruption on Tuesday the 6th. This caused some beautiful auroras to be seen in the Northern Hemisphere. It also arrived just prior to Mercury going retrograde on Monday the 12th. Combine a Merc Retch with a solar storm and all hell breaks loose with technology, communication and understanding of ourselves and others. But we can make it through such storms.

The following music list was put together with that in mind. At just over an hour, this edition of Musica Pagani should help you relax any time of the day or night and any time of the year. A smattering of lyrical pieces by a few artists, both old and new, mixed between two lovely sets of New Age instrumental pieces should be a nice balance. There a little Pagan folk, a little Pagan rock and lots of Pagan fun to be had with these selections.

The Play List

  1. Child of Light - Peter Sterling - Patterns of Reflection
  2. Lucid Dream - Joe Bongiorno - Into the Wind
  3. Desert Moon - Douglas Bluefeather & Danny voris - Rollin' Like Thunder
  4. Quarter Call - Isaac Bonewits - Avalon is Rising
  5. Goddess Chant - Kenny Klein - Oak, Ash and Thorn
  6. God Chant - Kenny Klein - Oak, Ash and Thorn
  7. Lady of the Silver Wheel - Damh the Bard - The Hills They Are Hollow
  8. Siren Moon - Sharon Knight - Song of the Sea
  9. Under a Violet Moon - Blackmore's Night - Under a Violet Moon
  10. She Danced Alone on the Wave - Wendy Rule - The Wolf Song
  11. Mother Night - Nuit - Mother Night
  12. Journey Within - Michael Brant DeMaria - Bindu
  13. Wisdom - Paradiso & Rasamayi - 3rd Eye Rising
  14. Your Dream - Tron Syversen - Peaceful Journey: Music for Relaxation
  15. Pearl - Lia Scallon - Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken & Heal
I do sincerely hope that enjoyed this mix of old and new, New Age and Pagan. 

 Singer, songwriter, musician and performer: Sharon Knight in a photo from 2012. CD cover for Paradiso & Rasamayi's 3rd Eye Rising.

Musica Pagani is a proud member of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel family, one of the many Pagan podcasts brought to you by the Proud Pagan Podcasters. Musica Pagani is hosted by RevKess of PMPC and brought to you in part by support from the Pagan Alliance Network and Pangaia Metaphysical Store.

Pagan Weekly News #30 - Monday, 20 February 2012

Listen to internet radio with Pagan Musings Podcast Channel on Blog Talk Radio

The weekend of February 18th was this year's PantheaCon in California. One of the world's largest indoor Pagan festivals. This week we talked about one of the key issues that arose during the event. Namely, Z. Budapest's CisWomen only ritual for honoring the Sacred Body. At last year's PantheaCon she conducted a similar ritual and excluded transgender women from the Circle. Unfortunately, last year she did not make it clear in the ritual's program description that transgender women would be excluded. This year she made it clear in the program.

Zaracon, KaliSara and RevKess all chimed in with a number of thoughts and comments on the topic as well as referencing various blogs and articles that covered the event. The following is a list of those blogs and articles, at least as far as RevKess has been able to find them:
After last year's PantheaCon incident, as it became known on PMPC, the hosts of the parent program did a two part series on Transgender Pagan Issues. You can find those shows and others listed below:
The topic of African Witch Children and African Pentacostal pastor Helen Ukpabio was brought up towards the bottom of the second hour, but Zaracon had to bow out of the show due to some emotional responses he was holding back about that issue and the PantheaCon incident. Thought we did not cover the topic we wanted to share some of the links we had prepared in case anyone else wishes to pursue the topic on their own.
On much lighter note, we wished the authors M.R. Sellars and Diana L. Paxson a very happy birthday! Sellars is the author of the Rowan Gant Investigations and Diana has written, among other things, Taking Up the Runes and parts of the Mists of Avalon series with the late Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Our music play list for the show:
  1. Heartbeat - Warrior Within
  2. Wendy Rule - Shine - Deity
  3. Leigh Anne Hussey - I Used to be a Powerful Priestess - Homebrew
  4. Bone Poets Orchestra - Pleasure of the Sky - Belladonna Smiles
Pagan Weekly News is a proud part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel, airing live every Monday at 7pm. Hosted by Zaracon and RevKess with KaliSara filling in or joining in from time to time. The hosts bring news, views, interviews, and opinions from the Pagan Community and cover news from mainstream and Pagan media sources. The Pagan-Musings Podcast series can be found via BTR and on iTunes. Remember to like Pagan Weekly News and Pagan-Musings Podcast on Facebook. Questions, comments, suggestions, etc can be emailed to the hosts at [email protected].

Pagan Weekly News for January 9, 2012

After a few weeks of no show, Pagan Weekly News is back and running! During the month of December Phil (aka RevKess) ran into some minor scheduling conflicts with his bills-paying-job and was not able to do shows. Apparently he also forgot to make sure that Zaracon hadLink the login information so he could go solo. That, at least, has been fixed and Phil is working with his scheduling manager to ensure that he has most Mondays off from work, or at least the hours needed to do PWN.

That being said, the first edition of PWN for 2012 went off pretty well. Only one sound issue, Phil forgetting to unmute himself, and Z had to leave before the end of the show due to personal reasons.

Topics Covered (links provided when possible):

Link Music Played

  1. Damh the Bard - The Sun and the Rose - Spirit of Albion
  2. Cernunnos Rising - Hear It With Your Heart (Anwen) - Wild Soul
  3. Spiral Dance - Journey - Notes of Being
  4. Celia - Build the Wall - Military Religious Freedom Foundation
  5. Jenna Greene - Land of the Sidhe - Wild Earth Child

Remember to tune in next Monday (January the 16th) at 7pm Central for another edition of Pagan Weekly News with RevKess and Zaracon.

Thank you to our sponsors: Pangaia Metaphysical Store and the Pagan Alliance Network.

Tune in also to these other wonderful programs: Pagan-Musings Podcast, Murphy's Magick Mess and Lavender Hill.

January 2012 Full Moon Show on the Mess

Looking back over the last few months, I see that have been rather neglectful of this blog. Something does seem to happen to me often. In an attempt to correct that, I am going to begin again with posting play lists from Murphy's Magic Mess on Lincoln's KZUM and show notes from the various talk shows I do.

We begin with the January 2012 full moon play list from Murphy's Magic Mess. Airing on January 8th, this play list is a combined effort by Murf, Corwin and myself. The show started out with me behind the boards. Rather frustratingly, the previous show ran up right to the hour and left me seconds to get set up. But we muddled through the first hour without too much trouble. Murf moved over to the boards shortly after the top of the second hour and took over from there. Corwin selected a few pieces here and there towards the bottom of the hour. We all hope that our listeners enjoyed the selection.

Our friends in the music business are always sharing new and wonderful music with us. Jose Luis Serrano Esteban, Uwe Gronau, Michael Brant DeMaria, and Tron Syversen are just four of the artists to send us some of their newest music.
  1. Inkubus Sukkubus - Wytches' Chant '98
  2. Jose Luis Serrano Esteban - Moon - A New Horizon (NEW)
  3. Teri Liles Mason - Ancient Mother, Beloved Children - Om Gaia
  4. Uwe Gronau - Searching for the Truth - Time Rider (NEW)
  5. Michael Brant DeMaria - Timeless Dawn - Bindu (NEW)
  6. Tron Syversen - Amorous - Peaceful Journey (NEW)
  7. Jose Luis Serrano Esteban - Planet Earth - A New Horizon (NEW)
  8. Dr Didg - King Tut - Out of the Woods
  9. Annbjorg Lien - January - Baba Yaga
  10. Lis Addison - Sensory Skin - The Grace of the Green Leaf
  11. Candice Knight - Dangerous Smile - Reflections
  12. Meg Davis - Wind in the Pipes - Captain Jack and the Mermaid
  13. Afro Celt Sound System - House of the Ancestors - Volume 1: Sound Magic
  14. Janiva Magness - The Devil is an Angel Too - Devil is an Angel Too (This is an artist introduced to us by Deb Andersen of the Wimmins Show on KZUM.)
  15. Jessica Radcliffie - Give Me the Moon - Beautiful Darkness: Celebrating the Winter
  16. S. J. Tucker - For Love of all Who Gather - Blessings
  17. Spiral Rhythm - Moon is High - I Am
  18. Omnia - Moon - Wolf Love
  19. Cultus Ferox - Goddesses - Wiederkehr (Corwin discovered this band a couple of weeks ago. They are very talented and very much the eye candy as well.)
  20. Omnia - Jabberwocky - Wolf Love
  21. Joe - Buncha Lady - The First 49 (Murf and I disagree on the artist for this, but as she has been playing this song years I bow to her memory.)
  22. Michael Longcor - Smuggler's Song - Norman and Saxon
  23. Meg Davis - Swing the Cat - Captain Jack and the Mermaid

Remember to tune in every Sunday morning at 9am Central for two hours of New Age and Pagan music on KZUM.


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Ground, Center, Shield: the Basics of Metaphysics (pt. 3) Basic Centering Techniques

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Pangaia Metaphysical Store

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